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Our awesome Angel Wanda accepting!  Thank you to all of our fabulous angels who give their love and support to the Wounded Warriors and their families.



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An easy way to help the  Valour IT Fundraiser and ultimately help our Wounded Warriors!!

If you're on facebook, just "like" Vision-Strike-Wear.com  For every 500 people who do this between now and Veterans' Day, they will donate $100 to Soldiers' Angels' Project Valour-IT which is in the middle of its big fundraising push with all the milblogs.

Please have a look at a very important Soldiers’ Angels project that helps get Voice Activated laptops to our heroes and then spread the word!


Project Valour-IT

In memory of SFC William V. Ziegenfuss

It was the first time I felt whole since I’d woken up wounded in Landstuhl.
–Major Charles “Chuck” Ziegenfuss, on using a voice-controlled laptop

To donate, select your favorite team* (or click here).

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*Soldiers’ Angels is an IRS-designated 501(c)(3) nonprofit.  Donations are tax-deductible and may be eligible for matching funds from donors’ employers. Please consult your tax advisor for details. Team designations are created for the sake of fun and spirited competition and are not affiliated with the U.S. Department of Defense. All funds raised go to a single account and assist wounded warriors of any branch.

Are you a blogger or webmaster?  Scroll down…

To participate in the competition as a blogger or webmaster, click on a team* graphic below. After you register, you will be added to the team blogroll and receive the code to post a widget on your blog that will credit donations to your team’s totals.  This will allow you to stay up-to-date with the latest fundraising competition info and any special plans your team leader has. For more info, email beths@soldiersangels.org.

Thank you for helping us support the wounded who have sacrificed so much! Let’s see who can win this by raising the most for the troops!

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For technical questions, contact beths-at-soldiersangels.org.  For other questions, contact your team leader. 

*We were unable to find a Coast Guard team leader, but we invite USCG bloggers and supporters to team up with their fellow mariners of Team Navy.

More About Valour-IT

Project Valour-IT helps provide voice-controlled/adaptive laptop computers and other technology to support Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines recovering from hand wounds and other severe injuries.  Items supplied include:

  • Voice-controlled Laptops – Operated by speaking into a microphone or using other adaptive technologies, they allow the wounded to maintain connections with the rest of the world during recovery.
  • Wii Video Game Systems – Whole-body game systems increase motivation and speed recovery when used under the guidance of physical therapists in therapy sessions (donated only to medical facilities).
  • Personal GPS – Handheld GPS devices build self-confidence and independence by compensating for short-term memory loss and organizational challenges related to severe TBI and severe PTSD.

    Read More…

    Photo and video editing at One True Media

    Last night, during my weekly visits, I was greeted by…our latest laptop recipient, with a quick little dance.  I think he even clicked his heels!  He is so terribly happy to have received a laptop and is really looking forward to having Joe show him all the in’s and outs.  You made this SGM, who has served faithfully for 40 years and is as crusty as they come, do a happy dance in the lobby – PRICELESS! – Soldiers’ Angel Monica, November 2009

    Congratulations Angel MaryAnn Phillips

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    Congratulations to an incredible angel! Thank you for being such an inspiration. I’ve heard so many stories from wounded warriors and their families about your wonderful care when they arrived in Germany. You and your team are such a blessing!

    “MaryAnn Phillips of Soldiers’ Angels is a 2010 recipient of the Presidential Citizens Medalfor her self-sacrificing service to the wounded and their families at the Landstuhl Regional Medical Center (LRMC) in Germany. Established in 1969 by Executive Order of the President, the Citizens Medal is the second-highest government honor a civilian can receive and recognizes “citizens of the United States of America who have performed exemplary deeds of service for their country or their fellow citizens.”  Read more here >SoldiersAngels and listen to the interview here > whitehouse

    Warrior Summit & Picnic

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    Thank you Soldiers’ Angels for sponsoring all of  the prizes, bouncy house, cotton candy and snow cone machine to make this a fun event for the Wounded Warriors and their families.  Thanks to our Angels Wanda, Debbie, Katie (and family), who helped at the various games and Soldiers’ Angels Info booth(will upload pic soon) and Jessica who helped at the Fisher House Booth. An inspiring and fun day with amazing people.   Thanks to all of the warriors and their families who came up to our Soldiers’ Angels booth to thank SA for the outreach they received from Landstuhl Germany to stateside. We are grateful to YOU and it is our absolute honor to help in anyway we can.

    You will see all of the great prizes, games and kid’s fun stuff Soldiers’ Angels sponsored midway through this video!

    A day free from hospitals, appointments, therapy, stress…surrounded by families and people who support and care. Well deserved!

    The Wings of Freedom Tour 2010

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    Soldiers’ Angels Operations Manager Toby Nunn and Wounded Warriors from the Warrior Transition Battalion. Thank you Soldiers’ Angels, Tom and Nita Sitterly and Steve for sponsoring flights for each Wounded Warrior! A Great day! I haven’t uploaded all of the photos yet. Still waiting for photos of our whole team that was present. These photos mostly were taken by Jessica who along with her mom was instrumental in bringing it all together and Nita (angel Erin’s mom in law) Thank you ladies!

    We had a wonderful conversation with a WWII Veteran who was tail gunner during the war. One of many incredible conversations with precious Veterans.

    A little bit of Chill time at the ole corral 🙂  It was such a treat to have Toby with us for the day.

    Angel Sammi Morelli couldn’t resist!

    WTB Soldiers Enjoy the View

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    SPC James Crutchfield, SGT Jon Colburn, and  SPC Andrew Atkinson enjoyed a lovely dinner and view of Seattle thanks to Soldiers’ Angels.  

    “Once again – thank you for providing the means for us to have a
     spectacular evening!”  SPC James Crutchfield

      “This is Awesome! Soldiers looking out and sharing with and for each other!!!!” SFC Toby Nunn


    We’re glad you had a great time guys! 


    Top of the World Ma – Camp Patriot

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    FORT LEWIS, WASH. – A little more than a year ago, the vehicle Mario Barragan was riding in was struck by a roadside bomb in Afghanistan’s Helmand Province. The blast killed one Soldier and severely wounded Barragan and a fellow Soldier.

    The moment the bomb detonated during the Battle of Kajaki Sofla on July 13, 2008 set into motion a series of events that changed the sergeant first class’ life.

    Barragan, a Green Beret with 7th Special Forces Group (Airborne) at Fort Bragg, N.C., suffered blunt trauma to his face and received shrapnel in his right leg. The El Paso, Texas native lost more than 75 percent of his lower right jaw and chin, he has undergone eight surgeries to reconstruct his face. Additionally, Barragan has had three surgeries on his leg, and is scheduled to have more surgery on his face.

    Despite these setbacks, Barragan accomplished a feat many do not dare: summit Mount Rainier.

    “I never thought I would do this,” said Barragan after summiting the 14,410 foot volcano. “I was bed ridden for a couple of months (after the IED). I thought I was never gonna be able to walk again.”

    I took (this climb) as a challenge to help me with physical therapy. I was in a wheel chair for three months, a cane for four months after that, so I never thought I would do this,” added Barragan.

    Barragan, along with two other Soldiers injured overseas or in training, attempted the climb. Sergeant 1st Class Jesse Yandell of 1st Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment and Capt. Reinaldo Gonzalez attempted the climb.

    Gonzalez, who was paralyzed from the neck down after falling from an obstacle during the U.S. Army’s Ranger School, did not summit because he was concerned for the safety of others on the descent from the summit.

    See more photos and story HERE

    Call to Action-Who is Your Hero? tweettoremind.org

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    Dear Friends,

    We all have people in our lives we consider heroes.

    All of us at the Bob Woodruff Foundation would appreciate your support and participation helping raise $1.65M for our heroes returning home from Iraq and Afghanistan by participating in our TweettoRemind campaign. Through the power of the social web, Tweet to Remind campaign aims to raise $1.65 million by Memorial Day, May 25, 2009 to ensure our service members get the help they need as they integrate back into society.

    This is a call to action, requesting you write a short blog post or tweet telling us who your hero is on Tuesday, May 12.
    After I was severely injured while reporting on location in Iraq, my family and I realized we had a unique opportunity to reach out and help many of our nation’s injured heroes. In January 2008, my wife Lee and I started ReMIND.org, an organization dedicated to raising money and awareness for service members injured in Iraq and Afghanistan as well as their families. Our current project is the TweetToRemind campaign, which asks individuals and corporations to donate $5.25 or more in an effort to raise $1.65 million by the end of the Memorial Day weekend.

    I have so many heroes in my life who have affected me in so many ways. But after what my family and I went through more than three years ago, my greatest heroes are the doctors, nurses, medics, soldiers, pilots and others who risk their lives on a daily basis to save injured soldiers and bring them back to their communities. They did it for me, and my family and I can never thank them enough.
    This is what I ask of you: on Tuesday, May 12 post a simple blog or tweet answering, “Who is your hero?” and asking them to do the same. Please link to your blog post from your Twitter account, a link back to <a href=”http://tweettoremind.org“>www.tweettoremind.org</a>, and the ChipIn widget which you can copy onto your blog.

    I hope you find it in your heart to support this effort on May 12 and throughout the campaign which ends on Memorial Day, May 25th.
    Thank you in advance for your support.

    Bob Woodruff



    *OEF and OIF veterans are eligible for free VA health care for their combat injuries up to 5 years after separation from duty. (VA)
    *Nearly 20 percent of U.S. service members returning from combat will report symptoms of PTSD or major depression. (RAND)
    *Nearly 90% of today’s seriously wounded U.S. military service members are surviving. (VA)
    *Over 320,000 U.S. service members have sustained a TBI during deployment to Iraq or Afghanistan. (RAND)
    *More than 1.64 million U.S. service members have deployed to Iraq or Afghanistan since October, 2001. (DoD)
    *Costs resulting from PTSD and major depression for troops deployed since 2001 are expected to range from $4-$6 billion. (RAND)
    *As public concern over these injuries grows, policy changes and funding shifts are already occurring. (RAND)
    *Of those reporting a probable TBI, 57% have not been evaluated by a physician for brain injury. (RAND)
    *Processing times for veteran disability benefit claims has decreased from 230 days in 2001 to an estimated 145 days in 2009. (whitehouse.gov)
    *When combat stress exceeds the capacity of an individual to cope, literal injuries to the brain and mind can result. (RAND)
    *Symptoms and repercussions of combat stress include depression, anxiety, misuse of alcohol and drugs, strains in family functioning, separation and divorce. (RAND)
    *Nearly 5.3 million veterans will receive care at the Department of Veterans Affairs in 2009. (whitehouse.gov)
    *Medical science provides a better understanding than ever before of how to care for a new generation of service members suffering the psychological effects of warfare. (RAND)

    ***Support our troops is no longer a slogan. It’s an action.***


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    Phoenix Chili Cook Off & Music Festival

    Saturday, March 21, 2009

    Shoreline Park, North Fort Lewis, WA

    7 am to 3 pm 


    This FREE event is designed to bring the community together in a fun and festive atmosphere while showcasing the talents of our soldiers, family members, staff, and community partners. 

      The event is a traditional chili cook off with contestants competing for $1000 in prizes.  Prizes will be given for the Best Chili Overall, Most Unique Chili, Spiciest Chili, and Best Showmanship.  All chili must be prepared on site; no exceptions.  Everyone attending the event will have a chance to vote for their favorite chili and crown the Best Showmanship Award as well as assist in crowning the Best Chili Overall.   

                                                 WHAT WE CAN DO TO HELP

    Volunteers!  (for help with set up, clean up, face painting, and to cook
    side dishes)
    Groups/Individuals to “adopt” the chili cook off teams that might not have
    money to spend on ingredients. (wounded warriors, etc.) 
    Anyone that wants to help with prizes!  We are looking for anything from
    trophies to a check that we can give them.
    Soldiers’ Angels is thankful to have angel Wanda as our lead with this event. Here is  an exerpt from her letter to the community, challenging us all to become involved.

    Valentine’s day weekend I found out that (The Warrior Transition Battalion) is hosting its first chili cook-off contest on March 21st & although they do not solicit support, I know that they need sponsors for the 20 teams (of 2-4).  So far, they have 4 sponsors.  The sponsorship consists of defraying the cost of the ingredients and needed items for the cook-off with $150.00 per team (each team has to make 2 gallons to feed the masses). Challenge your counterparts in other surrounding cities.  Healthy competition is a good thing for all!!! 
    I think they still need judges…hmmm…The competition is even open to civilians, so…I am hopeful that the community will step up in a big way & support these Heroes/Warriors who have risked their lives for the quality of life we enjoy.  This event is an excellent opportunity to raise awareness about the Warrior Transition Battalion (WTB) & other worthy organizations that support our military communities.


          If you’d like to help  and would like further information on this event
    EMAIL Julie at soldiersangelswashington@gmail.com  with CHILI in the subject line and I’ll send you the info and Wanda’s Contact information! I think this will be a wonderful event to be involved in. Hope to see you there! 


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