American Lake VA Halloween

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We are blessed to have a wonderful team of Angels that make sure our American Lake Veterans are not forgotten and are appreciated!  Thank you KT, Tracy, little Emma and Dawn!  More angels welcome anytime! The more the merrier – just email soldiersangelswashington if you’d like to volunteer at one of the VAs!

Emma & KT


Soldiers’ Angels Needs Your Vote!

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Soldiers’ Angels competing for $50k “Pepsi Challenge” Grant – Need your vote!

The Pepsi Refresh Project allows ordinary people to vote for their favorite projects that will have a positive impact on the community. Each month brings a new set of projects. This month, Soldiers’ Angels is one of the projects.

All you have to do is go to the page for Hire a Hero – Soldiers’ Angels Project SAVE Support A Vet’s Employment.

Soldiers’ Angels is competing for $50,000! Only 10 projects will be selected, so we need your votes, every day, from now until June 30! Currently, Hire a Hero – Soldiers’ Angels Project SAVE Support A Vet’s Employment is in 57th place. We’ve got a LONG way to go to get into the top ten. Please share this with everyone you know: share it with your email contacts, your facebook friends, tweet about it!

Soldiers’ Angels Luncheon with Jeff Bader and SFC Toby Nunn

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On May 15th,  Soldiers’ Angels in Washington hosted a  luncheon to celebrate our Armed Forces with Community Leaders, Soldiers Angels in Washington, and those who we connect with in support , such as the Fisher Houses, Madigan Army Medical Center, and the Warrior Transition Brigade among others.   We were thrilled to welcome and introduce our special guests, Jeff Bader ( Co founder of Soldiers’ Angels, author of May No Soldier Go Unloved and SFC Toby Nunn author of  Northern Disclosure , filmmaker of the PBS #1 Documentary in 2008  Bad Voodoo’s Wars and youngest recipient of the Audie Murphy award .  Check out Toby Nunn’s Briefing Room to read a really nice blog entry about the luncheon.

I feel incredibly grateful to be a part of the Soldiers’ Angels Organization and even more so after meeting these two amazing people.  Without a doubt, Integrity coupled with a heartfelt commitment and passion of support for the Armed Services, Veterans and their families are at the core of the Soldiers’ Angels Organization.

We all love Patti for a reason. She has a heart of gold, is brimming with positivity and a genuine spirit of generosity and humanity.  She digs in and focuses on getting the job done and doesn’t get distracted by bumps in the road. They only serve to increase her determination.   Patti Patton Bader is a class act all the way and  it was so great to meet and get to know Jeff, her husband  and Toby. Two more class acts who are equally as wonderful.

Their positive energy was matched by every single person who attended the Luncheon, There were a few missing faces due to a huge traffic jam and time constraints, but for the most part, people battled through the traffic and took time out of their very busy days to attend.

It was a delight to have a chance to spend time with others in the community who share gratitude and a passion of support for our Military, Veterans and their families.  These are hard working, positive, dedicated people who live their lives with gratitude and commitment to honoring and supporting the brave men and women who have served and continue to serve to keep our world safe and free.

Thank  you to Mayor Linda Bird from the City of University Place , Deputy Mayor Penny Coffey and  Council Member Larry  Wilcox from the City of Dupont,  Amy Cruver executive Assistant for Representative Jim McCune 2nd District for attending.  I encourage everyone to  discover  these beautiful  Washington communities and work together to bring Support to our Armed Services, Veterans and their families.  These are all city officials that are motivated to do the same….so reach out and see what you can do together!

Also in attendance were  Jodi Land  and Nikki Wasierski from the Ft. Lewis Fisher House. The Fisher House is a home away from home for Military families needing to be near their hospitalized loved ones.  If you haven’t been involved with the Ft. lewis or VA Puget Sound Fisher House activities and support, I urge you to do so.  If you are interested, just email and ask about how you can be more involved as a volunteer.

Other Special guests included,  Julie Calohan from the  Madigan Army Medical Center’s Public Affairs Office , Lisa Palmer Soldiers Angel from Madigan, Danita Dahl and Spc John Dinkins from the Warrior Transition Brigade at Ft. Lewis and Kathy Horinek from the WTB FRG, husband WIlliam (just deployed) and Becky Craig from McChord.  These people continue to inspire as they work tirelessly to meet the needs of those they serve. It makes a difference when these professionals are welcoming, efficient and positive. I hope you all will sign up for support events in the future and will be able to meet these great people along with the Warriors and families.

As Jeff and Toby mentioned in their speeches, every single person attending the luncheon was a special guest. It is truly the 200,000+ volunteers of Soldiers’ Angels that make the wheels keep turning and it was definitely evident in the planning of this luncheon.  Soldiers’ Angels in Washington were honored to host this gathering and jumped on board with ideas, advice and help from the moment of conception to the day of the event.   We did have a few bumps in the road with a change of venue at the last minute and a huge traffic jam on the day, but I have to say Soldiers’ Angels,  are a positive and determined group of people!!  It always amazes me how awesome the Angel Network is!   Thank you to everyone who was on the ready when we were in the planning stages, especially Angel Lori who put a great deal of work into organizing food, and Wanda who did an enormous amount of work with hand delivering invitations to the Dignitaries and Commanders, printing the programs, helping find a new Venue and a million other things that came up along the way.  Also Melissa French who was in charge of making sure the Soldiers’ Angels Table was complete. Melissa did such a fantastic job.  Thank you so much!

Warren Nevins, one of the first Soldiers’ Angels was in attendance,  Ola Ward Retired Nurse from Madigan, Sue  Berry(Ft. Lewis) along with Angels Tineke , Rebecca , Cecilia,  Rani , Nancy , Andrea , Sammi and Jewell . I have to go through my list but hopefully I haven’t missed anyone!   It was so great to meet and chat with everyone! I Love it when angels get together! So many interesting conversations and connections were made. Very inspiring and enjoyable!  I’m still sorting out pictures and finding some good ones, but here is what i’ve found thus far.  If anyone else took some please send to soldiersangelswashington @   and I’ll add to the collection.

Jeff Bader  Co Founder of Soldiers' Angels

Jeff Bader Co Founder of Soldiers' Angels

CTL Melissa French at the Soldiers' Angels Table

CTL Melissa French at the Soldiers' Angels Table

SFC Toby Nunn speaks at Soldiers' Angels Luncheon Ft. Lewis

SFC Toby Nunn speaks at Soldiers' Angels Luncheon Ft. Lewis

Angels Wanda, Tineke and Ola

Angels Wanda, Tineke and Ola

William,Kathy,Lila June

William, Kathy (WTB FRG) and Lila June Horinek

Angel Rebecca and Jeff Bader

Angel Rebecca and Jeff Bader

Toby, Becky,Melissa,Julie,Jeff,Nancy,LarryWilcox,PennyCoffey

Toby, Becky,Melissa,Julie,Jeff,Nancy,LarryWilcox,PennyCoffey

Warren, Sammi and Jewell

Warren, Sammi and Jewell

A Good Day in Washington for Veterans

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Veterans groups were present at the White House when President Obama, VA secretary Shinseki and Defense Secretary Gates announced their support of two major initiatives that will benefit Veterans.  Here is a communicative from Paul Reickoff of the IAVA organization about this announcement.  Lets keep the pressure on this administration to follow through on these promises so they will become tomorrow’s reality. 


I visited the White House today, and I have some great news that I wanted to share with you right away.

This morning I joined President Obama, VA Secretary Shinseki, and Defense Secretary Gates as they announced their support for two major initiatives that will have an enormous impact on the lives of our nation’s veterans. Both of the programs are top legislative priorities for IAVA this year.

Please take a minute to watch a quick interview I did on CNN right after the announcement, and to voice your support for these developments.

The first is a new program called the “Joint Virtual Lifetime Electronic Record Initiative.” It’s a complicated name for a critical change that is long over-due, and it will help bring the VA and DOD healthcare systems into the 21st century.

Right now, there is no easy process for transferring servicemembers’ medical records from the DOD to the VA when they leave active duty. As a result, some of our most seriously wounded troops are suffering through redundant tests, misdiagnoses, and delayed treatment. This initiative will make medical and military records electronic and transferable, meaning a more streamlined, less bureaucratic process for our injured troops.

But this isn’t just a matter of eliminating red tape. This change impacts the health, and lives, of the men and women who have served our country.

The second major initiative is advance funding for VA healthcare, which was the main focus of our annual “Storm the Hill” trip last February. For nineteen of the last twenty-two years, the VA budget has been passed late, forcing the nation’s largest healthcare provider to ration care. Imagine trying to plan for next month’s bills without knowing the size of your next paycheck.That’s what veterans hospitals do almost every year. Today’s announcement is a major step towards ending that cycle.

Click here to watch a brief video of me on CNN after the news broke, and thank the administration for focusing on these two issues.

Today has been a great day for our men and women in uniform. We’re proud to have been a part of this landmark announcement, and we’re looking forward to making sure today’s promises become tomorrow’s reality.

Thank you for standing with us.



Paul Rieckhoff
Iraq Veteran
Executive Director & Founder
Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America (IAVA)

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