Josh Fueston Memorial Swim to honor, remember and continue our Support

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The Josh Fueston Memorial Swim to Live …

A brave and wonderful group of Soldiers from the WTB. (Warrior Transition Battalion) Thanks for the great fun at the dinner the night before the swim and for letting us get to know you a little better. You're truly inspirational.


Josh Fueston Memorial Swim to Live

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This event is a mother’s quest to honor her son and all of our heroes who fight so bravely not only on the battlefield but when they come home…please help to embrace those who courageously continue to fight the battle within.  “It takes a nation to heal a war” Patti Patton Bader Founder Soldiers’ Angels.

Click the below poster to read more about Josh and this special event.

Hearts Toward Home Workshop…amazing.

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Dr. Bridget C Cantrell, Phd. has been aptly named a “Warrior’s Angel” as she travels the globe to counsel military and  their families, with the various issues presenting challenges to healthy transitioning, and quality of life.

 She calls it “Rolling up our sleeves to help the Troops” and so it was a perfect partnership that this “Warrior’s Angel” teamed up with the  501(c)(3) non profit Soldiers’ Angels Organization to present the “Hearts toward Home Workshop”in tacoma on Oct 10, 2009.  

Recently bestowed The prestigious Spirit of Hope Award from the offices of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and Secretary of Defense, it is with this spirit of hope that Soldiers’ Angels wanted to bring our military, families, professionals and the community together for this learning opportunity.

 Soldiers Angels representative, Toby Nunn,  who has experienced multiple deployments himself,  had this to say on his blog at 

 “Most would think this would be right up my sleeve but I try my best not to expose what’s on my sleeve when it comes to this topic and I was nervous about facing some of the demons I have been able to manage. It was made easier by looking around the room and seeing other young and some not so young people finding a special fellowship and being provided a positive and secure platform to share and assist each other. I will confess that I held back on writing about it because it has taken me several days to process some of which I had to face.” 


Soldiers’ Angels was honored to stand in support and sponsor this wonderful workshop given by Dr. Cantrell.  We are so grateful to all of the participants for their courage and willingness to share experiences, learning, hope and resources.

How does one put into words the enormity of such a day? Shifts from within were definitely the order for the day as we all set aside the diverse backgrounds we arrived with and set our focus on connecting with each other in support of our Warriors and their families. I just want to thank Soldiers’ Angels for sponsoring this event and everyone who attended,  for their very vulnerable and candid sharing.             Julie

The three books provided to the recipients through Soldiers  Angel’s sponsorship can be found at:  Further informations or questions about future Soldiers Angels sponsored events/workshops in Washington, contact or visit our website at   



SA Table at Workshop. Thanks Melissa, Sammi & Jessica for making it look great!




Soldiers’ Angels & Dr. Bridget Cantrell PTS/PTSD workshop

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Please see our    Soldiers’ Angels Washington Event page for Registration details and please spread the word about this free workshop, to all of your friends and families in the Armed Forces, Veterans and people you know who work in support.  This is an amazing opportunity that is important for all.  Dr. Cantrell is an engaging and knowledgeable speaker with a hearfelt passion for our Military and Veterans.    I highly recommend this opportunity.

Brain Injury Conference, Portland March 5,6,7

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Brain Injury Association of Oregon  

PO Box 549 

Molalla OR 97038 

1-800-544-5243 Fax: 503-961-8730 Registration Form   

7th Annual Pacific Northwest Brain Injury Conference 2009 

Living with Brain Injury: Identifying the Problems—Finding Solutions Sheraton Portland Airport Hotel   

Please register before February 28, 2009 to assure admittance and facilitate check-in.    

The 7th Annual Pacific Northwest Brain Injury Conference 2009 In Portland Oregon


                                        MARCH 5 (pre conference) 6, 7


Here’s a sampling of workshops at the Conference. Wish I could go, but hope some angels will attend and take notes!

Thursday, March 5, 2009  9:00 – 4:00 pm 

$50 – Lunch provided 

Behavioral Challenges After Brain Injury 

Harvey E. Jacobs, Ph.D. 

Psychologist / Behavior Analyst  

Partner, Lash and Associates Publishing/Training 



FRIDAY, MARCH 6, 2009 





2009 Conference Highlights

America’s Heroes at Work – Supporting employment Success of Returning Service Members with TBI & PTSD

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Americas Heroes at Work

America's Heroes at Work

“Supporting the Employment Success of Veterans with TBI and PTSD

DOL Launches Employer Educational Initiative – America’s Heroes at Work


The U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) recently unveiled America’s Heroes at Work, a unique program designed to help employers support veterans who are coping with two increasingly common battlefield injuries – Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).  Launched in August 2008, the initiative equips businesses and the workforce development system with the tools they need to help those affected by TBI and/or PTSD succeed in the workplace—particularly service members returning from Iraq and Afghanistan.


By many accounts, hundreds of thousands of brave men and women are expected to be coping with TBI and PTSD as they reenter civilian life.  And although their injuries may not be visible, veterans experiencing combat stress or a brain injury may face difficulties, especially with respect to employment.  They may suffer from headaches, vertigo, balance problems, anxiety and sleep disturbance, among other symptoms.  They also may have cognitive symptoms including short-term memory deficits, poor concentration and decision-making difficulties.  All of these can interfere with everyday activities, inside and outside of the workplace.


However, DOL wants employers to know that often simple workplace supports can help individuals with TBI and/or PTSD succeed in their jobs, and that employment can play a major role in their recovery.  It has launched a comprehensive Web site — – that offers support and education concerning ways to assist returning service members with TBI and PTSD in their transition and beyond into the work place.  Specifically, it educates employers, human resources professionals, the workforce development system, and vocational rehabilitation professionals on accommodations they can make for employees living with a brain injury or combat stress.  It also provides a toll-free phone number that employers can call for personalized assistance related to accommodations for veterans with disabilities (800-526-7234).


Examples of accommodations for people with TBI or PTSD include lighting adjustments to prevent headaches, tape recorders to help with memory, or a quiet workspace to support concentration.  Other promising practices include job sharing, job coaching, flexible schedules and workplace mentoring.


The America’s Heroes at Work Web site educates employers on these supports and offers additional resources such as easy-to-understand fact sheets, reference guides, training tools, and helpful links.  It also highlights some real-life success stories of veteran employees with TBI or PTSD and the satisfied employers who hired them. is merely the centerpiece of a targeted, ongoing DOL outreach campaign that will help increase awareness of TBI and PTSD issues among the workforce system, and educate employers on how to help those with TBI and/or PTSD succeed—whether their employees are veterans, first-responders or any one of the millions of Americans experiencing a mental illness or the effects of a head injury.  


Additionally, America’s Heroes at Work aims to dispel some of the myths related to people with TBI and PTSD by stressing the facts—that 80% of TBIs are mild concussions that will heal fully, and that PTSD is nothing an employer should fear.  After all, veteran employees, including those with disabilities, make exceptional employees who will bring bottom-line benefits to one’s business.


America’s Heroes at Work is managed by DOL’s Office of Disability Employment Policy (ODEP) and Veterans’ Employment and Training Service (VETS) in collaboration with other federal agencies engaged in TBI and PTSD programs, including the Departments of Defense, Veterans Affairs, Health and Human Services and Education, the Small Business Administration, the Social Security Administration and others.  Educational materials on the Web site were produced collaboratively with the Defense Centers of Excellence for Psychological Health and TBI; the Defense and Veterans’ Brain Injury Center; the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration; and the Job Accommodation Network.


For more information, visit  “

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