To Honor and Remember……

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Soldiers Angel Lisa Palmer, organized a beautiful Balloon Release to honor & remember the fallen heroes from Washington …the 5-2 Stryker Brigade, the 81st BDE, The Tomahawks, etc.
Saturday morning started off with the  Run to Remember group, finishing up at Pioneer Park and celebrating the birthday of fallen hero Spc. Anthony Paci before participating in the Balloon Release.  Words can’t really describe this gathering except to say it was love in all of it’s splendor.  I feel very blessed to have been a witness to such heart and to have had the opportunity to stand with these brave families to honor our heroes. It was overwhelming on so many levels.  Thanks Lisa for working so hard to make sure there was reverence in every little detail and for providing an opportunity to come together as a community in support of our Gold Star families to honor and remember.

Gold Star Mothers Julie Aamot and Helene Paci …(Spc. Aaron Aamot and Spc. Anthony Paci)
Gold Star Wife Erica Paci
Chaplain Gary Lewis, who arrived home a couple of days ago,  leads us in a moment of silence and Prayer.

It’s important for us all to make each day an opportunity to show our support, to honor and remember and walk the walk of gratitude.  Gold Star families….we continue to keep you in our hearts and prayers.


The Tables Were Set For A King…..

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even better, ….they were set for an amazing group of Veterans!  Soldiers’ Angels sponsored 2 tables for the event with angels Peggy Mckay  and Laura Bennett hosting. Thank you  Bob Rawe, Peggy McKay , the Take a Vet to Lunch Organization and all those from the community who hosted and helped with this great event!  Thanks again to Soldiers’ Angels for stepping forward to sponsor two tables.   

Tidbits from Soldiers Angel Peggy McKay about the evening …..

” I had invited Representative Mike Hope and his assistant Blair Anderson from the 44th Dist. and they were seated at one of my tables. Mike Hope is a veteran himself. A good friend of mine did a patriotic Rock Painting for one of the 

door prizes and Mr. Hope actually won it. He was not there to accept so I accepted for him. I had a chance also to talked to him about Soldiers Angels and had literature at the table of course.


The highlight of the night was the Artist and very good Speaker Michael Reagan who does drawings from pictures of fallen Soldiers for their families for free. The emotion inside him as he told of us of  only a few of the hundreds of people who have called  and their stories were just a tribute to him as a veteran and a man of talent of compassion. He had I believe 3 or 4 boards showcasing some of his works and they were beautiful and heartbreaking at the same time. Bob sent us a few he scanned in let me see if I can find that email and forward to you. One particulary touching story was that of a Mother who wanted him to paint him with his 13 month old son. When the pictures arrived he realized there were no pictures of him holding his son the pictures were separate so when he called to ask for a picture of them together she explained “he never saw his son”. The tears were flowing at that poing and even Mr. Reagan was tearing up.

The slide show was tremendous this year and very emotional and the music  playing with each section matched with the pictures as to what they were saying and doing. I was truly a “mess” as my father, a gr gr gr gr uncles from WW!, my favorite uncle of all time and my step dad and a picture of my mother accepting the flag and the young woman in naval uniform performing the taps ceremony were also included besides the many many other pictures of our veterans. Along with a picture of our adopted soldier from last year up on a tank  and pictures from Capt. Geishakers command that he had sent me in a slide show.


The folding of the flag presentation was beautiful as well as someone read the meaning outloud as to what each fold meant! That was all very informative and ceremonious. I did not know their was a meaning or representation for each fold.

I have been meaning to find it on the net and print it out.


You could buy a cd of the slide show for a donation of 10.00 and I bought 3 one for my mom, Representative Hope and for myself.





Soldiers Angels Table

Soldiers' Angels Table



A great evening, enjoyed by all!

A great evening, enjoyed by all!





Part of the Entertainment for the evening



Letter to the Local Editor from Bob Rawe…Organizer.

I would like to express my thanks to all the people that attended the Veteran’s appreciation dinner hosted by the TAKE A VET TO LUNCH organization.  The event was held on February 28th at the Masonic Temple in Marysville. 


The table hosts did an outstanding job.  The tables were set “fit for a king”.  Beckye Randall-North County Outlook,  Marcus Bresco-American Legion of Stanwood,  Ken Cage-Marysville Historical Society,  Crystal Wilkerson-Navy Wives Club,   Margret Hopkins,   Farlan Dubarry-Veteran,  Laura Bennett-Soldiers Angels,   Gayle Clemens-Prudential MacPhereson’s Real Estate,   Sheila Frazier-Eaglesnest Secretarial Service, Inc. Peggy Mckay-Marysville Special Education  PTSA, and Soldiers Angels,   Sally Brandenburger-Alpine Mortgage of Marysville,   Cal Mithuen-American Legion Veterans Benefit Assistant,  Autumn Payton-Navy Veteran,   Bruce Peseau-Veteran.                                                                                                                                                                                                   


Tim Loney of Stanwood started the evening off with the opening prayer, A visual presentation that showed our troops in action throughout several wars was prepared by Terry Woinowsky of Memories Forever. Elisio Garcia attended as a veteran and spoke to the audience to show his appreciation.  Mike Reagan, the artist that makes the portraits of fallen soldiers also attended and told of his program.  He was presented a donation from the Arlington VFW.


The National Anthem and God Bless America were sung by Rebecca McDonnel of Stanwood. Everyone stood and joined her.  She did a beautiful job.  A musical presentation was made by four young students from Lynnwood, Jacob Pearl, cello                                                                                                Isabella Maza, violin  Colby Larson, viola  Elliot Lee, violin.   And of course no one will forget an appearance by Ernestina.


Several old and new friends stepped forward to help with the cooking and tending to the guests.  They worked from 12 noon until clean up at 9pm.  Rhodies Smokin BBQ of Marysville smoked the pulled pork and provided the sauces.


Several cash donation were made directly to me from, Lisa Borden, Joe and Katy Dennis, Ken and Ethel Cage, Jenny Mulstad, Jennifer Kelly, Steven Edin, Covlet Machine & Design, Soldiers Angles and Tony Hewlett.  There were also several donations made without my knowledge of whom the generous parties were.  Food donations were made by Get Distilled Water Service, Inc and home baked cookies by Beth Glass


 Door prizes were donated by Peggy and Don Mckay, Jerri Markstone, Garden Treasures, Denis Jordan,  Artistic Designs by Abby, Abbagail Johnson, Bev Measor, Clear Image Photo, Bobs Out Back, Hanna McKay, Nathan McKay, MSPTSA, Eaglesnest Secretarial Service,  Paws It On, Dos Reales Restaurant of Stanwood, Cedar Crest Golf Course, Kasilof, Becky and Jeremy Randall and Crystal Wilkerson.


There are many other names that should be mentioned but be sure that your gracious help is not forgotten and much appreciated.  We are always in need of volunteers to promote this program for saying thank you to our military veterans.  Please contact me if you wish to help


Bob Rawe

Take A Vet To Lunch

I urge everyone to step forward next time this event comes around. It is a lovely way to honor those who have served!

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