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  1. I want to subscribe to this blog
    How do I do so?

    • On the right hand side of the blog page, you’ll see a subscribe to this blog button..either by email or feed. just click and a little window will open for you to enter your email. 🙂 and there ya go! Glad to have a new subscriber!

  2. Thank you so much. I didn’t see it the first time. l0l
    Where do you live?

  3. Our church wants to send cards to the servicemen and women and we need to know where they can be sent so that they can be distributed.

    We are in Mechanicsburg, PA

    Thank you.

    • Sheila, if you send an email to soldiersangelswashington @ gmail.com I’d be happy to give you the information.


  4. I am new to Anacortes and I am a Soldier’s Angel as of last week…are there any Soldiers Angels in Anacortes? Or near here? Thank You so much!

    Diedre Wren

  5. I would like to adopt a Washington soldier and send packages to him/her.
    Is it possible for an individual family to do that? I also work with an organization that helps Soldiers’ Angels, my group sends stuff to 6 soldiers. I just thought it would be nice for my family to adopt a soldier.
    Can we do that???

    • Hi Diana! Thank you for all you do! I will send you an email in regards to your question.

  6. My family would like to adopt a soldier and send care packages and letters. How can we get started. We are from San Antonio, TX

    • Great to hear from you Jo Ann! Thank you so much for wanting to adopt a soldier!! I’ll send you an email and then connect you with our San Antonio team to get you started!! Bless your heart!!

  7. Is there anything we can do today to help? Please let us know.

  8. I am moving back to Washington in Septemeber and want to get a head start on fiding out how and where I can volunteer at as far as cooking and baking goes. I was a WTB soldier from 2008-2010 and when i got out, went to culinary and baking and pastry couple years after. I know how much it meant to me when people volunteered their time, and I just wanted to give back

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