Crafty Creations for our Deployed, Wounded & Veterans

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I’m always so amazed and inspired by the talent of our angels.  I know many of you are working on Blankets of Belief, Hope and Gratitude  all year long. If you aren’t a part of the SA sewing team please join or ask me how. Bless your hearts for that incredible thoughtfulness and time you put into each creation. I have had many wounded warriors and families come up to me at the various events and share how much YOUR creations mean to them.  One of the things we will be doing across the state for our Day of the Deployed efforts are donation/blanket drives. If you are part of a quilting/crochet/knit group, or think you could inspire others from your community/church or service clubs to join together to produce some Creations for our Deployed/wounded and Veterans please email  soldiersangelswashington   I would also love to post pictures of your creations if you attach a photo I’ll add it to the blog.

The following blanket was made by the loving hands of  Angel Jean who also just made some lovely hats and gave them to a homeless outreach in her area.   Thank You Jean!

This lovely fellow were made by our Angel Debbie & Mom . We haven’t come up with A name for the Bear Campaign yet… Troop Teddy Bear…Special Forces: Bear Hugs, Mission Grrratitude, Oh my gosh there have been quite a few. Debbie says they are easy to do. Two parts to the pattern.  These Bears might be the perfect project for Girl Scout and Boy Scout Groups. I know several blanket makers who are wanting to add a few Bears to their projects too.   We’d love to send lots of these for our Day of the Deployed Effort on Oct 26 and for the holidays.  Email Soldiersangelswashington if you’d like to give them a try!

Many of you are part of the Angel Bakers and others have helped with fabulous culinary creations for the Welcome Homes and events we’ve participated in, along with your regular baking you send to our deployed service members.   You’re all amazing!! I would love to include some pictures or even recipes you’ve used if you like.  It might help non cooks like me get inspired!


Welcome Home!

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Thanks Stephanie for sharing the Welcome Home for Colin and the rest of the soldiers from HHC BDE, 702, 1-38, 2-23, 472 signal.

Josh Fueston Memorial Swim to honor, remember and continue our Support

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The Josh Fueston Memorial Swim to Live …

A brave and wonderful group of Soldiers from the WTB. (Warrior Transition Battalion) Thanks for the great fun at the dinner the night before the swim and for letting us get to know you a little better. You're truly inspirational.

Fisher House Founder’s Day Celebration

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Hello Angels…

The Fisher House located on Joint Base Lewis-McChord (JBLM) is a “home away from home” for family members who have a loved one at area hospitals. We provide a place not just for them to be near their loved ones during a medical crisis, but a compassionate and loving environment that helps them heal as well. During fiscal year 2009 we provided lodging to over 300 military families from all over the world. Pictures and family stories can be found on our website:

We are calling on all Washington Angels’ to help with door prizes for the JBLM Fisher House Founder’s Day Open House. On Friday, September 24th JBLM Fisher House will have doors open for the community. It will also be a celebration of what would have been the 100th birthday of the founder of the Fisher House Foundation, Zachary Fisher. Fisher House will be providing a BBQ lunch, as well as tours and information on the Fisher House. Our goal is to educate the community on what our mission is and show them how their donations and support makes a difference. All members of the community are invited to attend.

The Fisher House needs financial and in-kind donations to support the event and make it a success for the community. Any help you can offer would be appreciated. Is there something you are able to donate items from your job, a favorite store or something fabulously crafted?

Please contact the Fisher House at 253-964-9283 or  You may also e-mail myself, Jessica Smith, at cherishedteddie08  Please send a note to soldiersangelswashington listing what you have donated for documentation purposes.

Thank you very much for your support of the Fisher House – JBLM.

Josh Fueston Memorial Swim to Live

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This event is a mother’s quest to honor her son and all of our heroes who fight so bravely not only on the battlefield but when they come home…please help to embrace those who courageously continue to fight the battle within.  “It takes a nation to heal a war” Patti Patton Bader Founder Soldiers’ Angels.

Click the below poster to read more about Josh and this special event.

Congratulations Angel MaryAnn Phillips

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Congratulations to an incredible angel! Thank you for being such an inspiration. I’ve heard so many stories from wounded warriors and their families about your wonderful care when they arrived in Germany. You and your team are such a blessing!

“MaryAnn Phillips of Soldiers’ Angels is a 2010 recipient of the Presidential Citizens Medalfor her self-sacrificing service to the wounded and their families at the Landstuhl Regional Medical Center (LRMC) in Germany. Established in 1969 by Executive Order of the President, the Citizens Medal is the second-highest government honor a civilian can receive and recognizes “citizens of the United States of America who have performed exemplary deeds of service for their country or their fellow citizens.”  Read more here >SoldiersAngels and listen to the interview here > whitehouse

Warrior Summit & Picnic

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Thank you Soldiers’ Angels for sponsoring all of  the prizes, bouncy house, cotton candy and snow cone machine to make this a fun event for the Wounded Warriors and their families.  Thanks to our Angels Wanda, Debbie, Katie (and family), who helped at the various games and Soldiers’ Angels Info booth(will upload pic soon) and Jessica who helped at the Fisher House Booth. An inspiring and fun day with amazing people.   Thanks to all of the warriors and their families who came up to our Soldiers’ Angels booth to thank SA for the outreach they received from Landstuhl Germany to stateside. We are grateful to YOU and it is our absolute honor to help in anyway we can.

You will see all of the great prizes, games and kid’s fun stuff Soldiers’ Angels sponsored midway through this video!

A day free from hospitals, appointments, therapy, stress…surrounded by families and people who support and care. Well deserved!

Just Listen to Support the Troops!

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Soldiers’ Angels in Washington, have been welcoming home many of our troops over the last few months.   I’m sure all of us, particularly those who have experienced deployment first hand will relate to the following video from Jesse Dayton.

“As one of the musical artists involved in Voices of a Grateful Nation (a partner of Soldiers’ Angels), Jesse Dayton has been using his talent to support the troops.  His heart-rending song, I’m Comin’ Home, has been featured on the organization’s musical CDs, which help fund activities that use music to help returning and wounded soldiers re-acclimate and recover.  Now he’s asking for a little help—all you have to do is listen!”

If records at least 1000 hits a day, Jesse’s video and his PSA for Soldiers’ Angels and Voices of a Grateful Nation will be put into regular rotation of music videos on CMT. Getting Jesse’s PSA on CMT will be a wonderful way to help spread the word about what Soldiers’ Angels does.



The Wings of Freedom Tour 2010

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Soldiers’ Angels Operations Manager Toby Nunn and Wounded Warriors from the Warrior Transition Battalion. Thank you Soldiers’ Angels, Tom and Nita Sitterly and Steve for sponsoring flights for each Wounded Warrior! A Great day! I haven’t uploaded all of the photos yet. Still waiting for photos of our whole team that was present. These photos mostly were taken by Jessica who along with her mom was instrumental in bringing it all together and Nita (angel Erin’s mom in law) Thank you ladies!

We had a wonderful conversation with a WWII Veteran who was tail gunner during the war. One of many incredible conversations with precious Veterans.

A little bit of Chill time at the ole corral 🙂  It was such a treat to have Toby with us for the day.

Angel Sammi Morelli couldn’t resist!

Decorating for the 5-2 Homecoming Ball

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Thank you Angels for taking the time to help the Buffaloes with their Homecoming Ball. I know there were a few time changes and once you got there things were pretty much under control, but thank you for showing up and doing what you could to help. I know it meant a lot to everyone.  Thanks to those who went back at 3 to help out with the final touches.

Thank you Soldiers’ Angels for sponsoring the beautifully engraved Journals for each Fallen Soldier which were given to the Gold Star families to treasure.

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