Memorial Day

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“Our hearts pour out in grief… there is no punctuation, no start or finish… just moments when we must pause and catch our breath. ” (RuntoRemember)

To all of  our Gold Star Families, we send our love, support and prayers. You are always in our hearts. We are forever grateful for the ultimate sacrifice of your loved one…they will always be remembered.

A special group of friends dedicate themselves to making sure our heroes are not forgotten. Thank you Buffaloes and Run to Remember…

On Memorial day…….

A flag of every fallen warrior was placed on the fence of the airfield

23 Brave Warriors from the 5 2 1 17 remembered

More photos can be found on facebook. From the Run to Remember page & Group-

“The soldiers of 5th Brigade have been fighting an amazing battle in Afghanistan, and standing behind these brave young men are their amazing families.

The purpose of this group is to get out there and RUN!!! Let the community see a mass of men and women supporting OUR soldiers… Wear your unit’s shirt with pride and REMIND our community that our soldiers are out there in Afghanistan, fighting the tough fight. Not everyone is coming home. These amazing young men MUST NOT BE FORGOTTEN!

Come run with the families of 5th Brigade Saturdays to honor our warriors and remember our fallen.”


Soldiers’ Angels

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Mother’s Day at the Fisher Houses

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!  A wonderful group of angels got together and created delectable masterpieces and gifts galore for our Fisher House Moms.  We wanted to make it a special day and to have the moms feel a lift of support and love to get them through the difficult days ahead.  We were honored to spend the day with you Moms!  Absolutely awesome Angels!!

The presents lined up at the back of the table were donated by Angel Donna and her company in Spokane. They were then sent to Angel Lisa who made them extra special with goodies and ribbon. It goes to show you how a network of angels can find a way to collaborate over the miles and impact lives so positively. Thank you!

Busy preparing!!

Amazing home made sausage rolls from Bob & Pat

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