Washington love and support reaches troops!

January 28, 2010 at 12:01 am | Posted in General Troop Support, Veteran Support | 2 Comments
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Angels in Washington have reached out to schools for help with sending letters and cards to our troops and Veterans with great success.  Schools have been excited to participate in this effort . This is such a great partnership of support on so many different levels and as you can see by the letter below a wonderful way to keep morale high!   One of our awesome angels, Debbie Henrie has nurtured a super connection with her Spokane community schools.   Thank you to all and of course thank you to our Troops!

My name is Spc xx xx of the United States Army currently deployed. I felt deeply moved to send an e-mail to you with thanks for the letters that the 8th grade student body sent over the holiday season. I was in the gym yesterday and noticed one of the letters was posted up on the wall, so I began to read. It did not register to me at first, but as I continued reading I realized that the intelligent 8th grader who wrote the letter was indeed from my own home town! I could hardly believe my eyes! I realized that there must be more letters where this one had come from. I then walked around the entire base looking for the rest of the letters, reading each one with a bigger and bigger smile. They were all sent with the best holiday wishes, and hopes that we are safe, happy and returning home soon. I hope that you would pass on to the students who so kindly wrote to the soldiers here, that I (on behalf of us all) am so thankful for the support. It is comforting to know there are people outside our families who remember our service through the holiday season. Being a soldier can often be a thankless job, so it is one heck of a morale booster recieve letters that remind me of the reasons I chose to serve. We appreciate the kind words of encouragement more than you know, so once again, thank you for thinking of us!

Never forget that freedom isn’t free

Spc xx xx,

Army Strong!


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  1. I was hopping to find families with needs and what there needs are. I heard on the Oprah show that if you put in wounded solders and spokane that it would be clear what is needed. It’s not. I clean houses for a living. I thought there might be a family in need of getting there house cleaned for free. I am not sure where to go from here.

    • I am sending you an email with suggestions of how you can help. 🙂

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