American Lake Holiday Event-Soldier’s Angels

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The American Lake Holiday Event was a fabulous success! Thank you KT Layton and crew of wonderful angels who helped out to provide a special day for our Veterans from American Lake.   In addition, a million thanks to the great people who were able to contribute to the donations presented on the day, the staff at Puget Sound HCS (American Lake, and of course a special thanks to our Veterans. We are Grateful!


Holiday Pampering at the Fisher House, Barbershop at the VA

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December 3rd was a busy night for Soldiers’ Angels in Washington!  We are grateful to have had the opportunity to spend time with the incredible families at the Puget Sound Fisher House and the hospitalized Veterans at the Puget Sound VA.   I know we all feel enriched by sharing time with such amazing people.  

 Thank you to the “What’s Cookin‘” Barbershop quartet for the enjoyable music you provided at the VA. A great group of guys and wonderful singers!  Thank you to Naarah, Debbie, Deidre and all who contributed to the gifts and cards for our Veterans! 

The wonderful "What's Cookin' Barbershop Quartet!


While “What’s Cookin'”, Deidre and I (julie) were enjoying sharing music and visits with the Veterans at the Puget Sound VA,  there was lots of fun, fellowship and pampering happening at the Fisher House!  Angels Jeannette, Erin and Megan prepared a wonderful dinner for the Fisher House guests, while Mary Kay Angel Kim Hansen organized a wonderful Spa and pampering night, assisted by angel Sammi Morelli.  

Angels Jeannette, Erin and Megan. Thank you for the yummy dinner angels!!Angel Sammi and Mary Kay Angel Kim Hansen - Thanks for the Pampering Ladies!! Thank you Kim for the Mary Kay gifts and expertise for the evening!


Angel Sammi Morelli and Mary Kay Angel Kim Hansen-Beauty artists!


The Puget Sound Fisher House


Ready for pampering!



Food and Fellowship

Thank you Angels and Mary Kay Sales Director/Angel Kim Hansen for providing this wonderful evening of Mary Kay Pampering  Thank you Fisher House families for sharing this lovely night with Soliders’ Angels. Love, Support and Prayers to you all.

To Honor the Sacrifice of SPC Aaron Aamot

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Spc Aaron Aamot


Obituary from the Bellingham Herald….. “Aaron Seth Aamot was born on April 12, 1987, in his grandmother’s house on the Guide Meridian, Bellingham, WA. He was killed in action on November 5, 2009, in Afghanistan. Aaron was raised in Whatcom County on a small farm in Custer, WA. He was active in the Critters & Co. 4-H Club and the Ferndale FFA. The Whatcom Youth Fair and the Northwest Washington Fair were favorite events for Aaron. The attacks on September 11, 2001, gave Aaron the determination to serve his country in the armed forces. After graduating from Ferndale High School in 2006, he went to Basic Training in Fort Benning, Georgia. After being stationed at Fort Lewis, Aaron enjoyed his role driving a Stryker vehicle in the newly formed 5th Stryker Brigade. The 5-2 SBCT deployed in July 2009 to the area around Kandahar. Aaron was driving his Stryker on a patrol when it hit a buried explosive. He is survived by his parents, Mark and Julie (Hinds) Aamot of Custer; siblings, Matthew (Angela), Joshua, Nellie (Ricky) Huisman, Benjamin (Catrina); Dale; Ethan; and Daniel. Grandparents are the late Arnold Aamot and Charlotte (Reeck) Aamot of Bellingham, and William and Donna (McDougle) Hinds of Sedro-Woolley. Aaron was a devoted uncle to nephews Elijah, Samuel, Oliver, and Nathaniel, and nieces, Evelyn, Janett, Ella, and Catherine. He is also survived by many aunts, uncles, and cousins. 

RIP Brave Warrior. Thank you for your service and sacrifice.   

When Aaron came home…..a community was there…….

In Honor of Spc Aaron Aamot





An idea to ‘do SOMETHING’ found it’s way through the crowds on the bridge and quickly became an all out effort of support for Aaron’s 5-2 1 17 Regiment and 5th Stryker Brigade. Thanks to the Aamot Family, particularly brother Matt, Captain Kim who pledged support to get any donations to Afghanistan, and a determined, not to mention well organized group of citizens a Donation Drive was launched.  Soldiers’ Angels was honored to be involved and to work alongside such amazing individuals. 



Thank you KGMI for spreading the word and for helping with this incredible effort, People's Bank, Local Firehalls and Businesses for hosting donation boxes.


The fabulous KGMI & People's Bank Team


The morning of the broadcast we began with this box and the donations kept pouring in! Thank you everyone!


Mother Julie Aamot working hard at sorting through donations. It was an honor and absolute joy to spend time with the Aamots. They are incredible. One can't help but love them for being such gracious, humble, loving beings. It was a privilege to get a little glimpse into Aaron through stories shared on this day, to see what a wonderful young man, son and brother he was.


Cards from School Children


More heartfelt wishes of support from our School Children


Firefighters hard at work


The sorting process begins!


CBS taking a gander for their later broadcast


Getting there!


Angel Kathy Bergman (left) was at the Legion early helping to organize,


The fabulous Chris from Ludtke Trucking (who donated a truck for transport to Ft. Lewis) and the Legion #7 Hall for the organizing.


Boxes being filled for the 5-2 Wounded


Becky Raney-Organizer Extraordinaire & helper - Soon those boxes were stacked taller than Becky!


Becky and Our Wounded Boxing Crew


Becky Raney, Ethan and Matthew Aamot


Thank you Becky Raney and the amazing group of people who spearheaded this effort and did an amazing amount of work to get the job done. Also, thanks to KGMI, People’s Bank and all of the community businesses for hosting donation boxes and spreading the word to get them filled up.  Thank you to all the great folks at the American Legion #7 Hall in Bellingham for the food, the space and support. Soldiers Angel Kathy Bergman for helping to organize and direct the work at the Legion.  Big hugs and thanks  to Grizzly and Scooter from the Combat Vet team for zipping around the county to pick up all of the donations. You guys are awesome! Thanks to everyone else who helped pick up, sort, box and ship the donations, including Chris & Ludtke trucking who arrived at Ft. Lewis with a full load of supplies!  Thank you Whatcom County and all of the listeners of KGMI (some even from Canada) who stepped up and stopped by to donate!  

The donations continued to come in and those boxes behind Becky, Ethan and Matthew continued to stack higher and higher in the Legion Hall.  Many thanks to  all of the Volunteers who were there bright and early and who stayed till late in the evening each day and to the incredible Aamot family.  We hold Aaron in our heart and prayers and your family will always have our love and support.  

We continue to  keep the 5th Stryker Brigade and Aaron’s Regiment in our thoughts and prayers as well as all of our brave men and women in uniform who serve on our behalf.

A Night for Our Heroes Bellingham Fundraiser

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On November 13, Soldiers’ Angels (Washington) hosted  “A Night For Our Heroes” to raise funds for our Armed Forces, Veterans, Wounded and their families. Held at the Lakeway Inn in Bellingham Washington, the Whatcom County community came together in generous support and gratitude.

The Evening could not have happened without the incredible efforts of  Bellingham Angel Kathy Bergman and the team of dedicated, hardworking individuals she gathered to help with this event.  To say they were committed to making this successful would be an understatement.  A million thanks Kathy & crew.  Also thanks to Jerry Stewart for the gift of his taped presentation of an inspiring speech for A Night for Our Heroes. Thanks also to our Guest Speakers Chuck Whitmore and Dr. Bridget Cantrell, Dan Early and the Legion  Color Guard and our Media helpers, The Bellingham Herald, KGMI, The Lynden Tribune and Northwest Entertainment News. Thanks also to Jewell Morelli for all of the Graphic Design.

Patti from Whidbey Bank (helped with SA donations boxes) Kathy Bergman and Registration crew, June and Jerry McKay

Silent Auction items set up for business!

Checking out our Soldiers' Angels table

Guests lining up to check in and Angel Sammi Morelli selling 50/50 tickets...the night begins!

Donated Desserts for our Dessert Dash. Lots of fun!!

Time to chat and peruse auction items

The Northern Lights Jazz Orchestra led by Paul Sorensen, started off the evening

The Northern Lights Jazz Orchestra led by Veteran Paul Sorensen, treated us to a fabulous night of incredible music. This band is fantastic. Thank you NLJO for donating your time and wonderful music!

We were so fortunate to have Northern Lights Jazz Orchestra and vocalist Christine Anderson delight us with great music.

An added bonus from the NLJO was a Frank Sinatra Tribute from singer Arthur Alder

Two of our favorite people arrive...Dr. Bridget Cantrell and assistant Kalli Backlund

Our awesome MC Mike Kent in action! Thank you for everything Mike, including helping to spread the word about Soldiers' Angels and "A Night for our Heroes" on your radio show.

A moving speech from our Guest Speaker Chuck Whitmore

Our fabulous auctioneer Ernie in action!

The Live Auction was entertaining!

Between our MC Mike, Ernie and his straightman working the room, not to mention our sponsors, the live auction was a great success! Thank you all for your spirit and generosity!

“A Night for Our Heroes”  turned out to be a great success thanks to everyone involved under the direction of Angel Kathy Bergman.  Thank you to all of our sponsors, who donated funds and auction items for this event and a million thanks to all of the participants who generously gave of their time and funds to raise money for our Heroes.

As MC Mike Kent stated during the evening…our mission is to go out and spread the word about Soldiers’ Angels and  how much their suport is needed for our Armed forces, Veterans, wounded and their families. Let no soldier go unloved or Veteran be forgotten.   As a community we can step up to walk the walk of gratitude everyday to make sure those who serve and sacrifice know they have our support.  If everyone does a little we can do  great things for all.  Let us honor our Heroes every single day!

Thanks also to the VFW and the Bergman’s for helping with a second event at the VFW in Fairhaven the following night.  We met some wonderful Veterans and guests who enjoyed a Spaghetti and Crab Dinner and Dance.  Thank you Kathy, Clark, Mel Vaughn, Cindy, June, Jerry for all your help and support.   At the end of the weekend it really did feel like the community was banding together to step up to support. Let’s keep this going for the future!

Veteran’s Day Parade..Marching with the POW/MIA Group

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On Veteran’s Day this year, Soldiers’ Angels in Washington had the great honor of marching with the POW/MIA Group at the  44th Annual Auburn Veteran’s Day Parade. This is the largest parade of its kind west of the Mississippi.  

Thank you Jessica Smith & mother Debbie for making the connection with this wonderful group on our behalf and organizing our participation.  Thanks also to Sammi Morelli, Vern Van Houten, Jessica & Family for participating! 

It is hard to put this day into words,  except to say it was humbling and an incredible honor to attend this Veteran’s Day observance and parade with the POW/MIA Group.  We had a few minor glitches to begin with, one of which was a torrential downpour, but how can one even THINK of complaining when WWII Veterans are standing at attention throughout the observance in the freezing cold and then carrying on to march stoically in the parade?  I’m so thankful to have been a part of this event and to share the day with Jessica & family, Vern and Sammi. It was a shared experience that will never be forgotten.  I encourage everyone to make the trek to Auburn next year because we’ve been invited back! 

Angels Vern & Sammi waiting for the Observance to begin.

Angel Jessica with her trusty Camera capturing the ceremony



Time for Puddle Jumping and rehearsing in between downpours

Our wonderful Crew getting ready for the parade


A few last minute adjustments with the Rain gear. Thanks Debbie for bringing the slickers!


An Honor

A Community braved the elements to say thank're not forgotten

A long day but every second was amazing.

On the drive back home that evening, everything was illuminated in more ways than one. Thank you Jessica, Debbie & Family. Thank you Vern & Sammi. Most of all, thank you to all who serve, our Veterans and their families. We are forever grateful!

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