Hearts Toward Home Workshop…amazing.

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Dr. Bridget C Cantrell, Phd. has been aptly named a “Warrior’s Angel” as she travels the globe to counsel military and  their families, with the various issues presenting challenges to healthy transitioning, and quality of life.

 She calls it “Rolling up our sleeves to help the Troops” and so it was a perfect partnership that this “Warrior’s Angel” teamed up with the  501(c)(3) non profit Soldiers’ Angels Organization to present the “Hearts toward Home Workshop”in tacoma on Oct 10, 2009.  

Recently bestowed The prestigious Spirit of Hope Award from the offices of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and Secretary of Defense, it is with this spirit of hope that Soldiers’ Angels wanted to bring our military, families, professionals and the community together for this learning opportunity.

 Soldiers Angels representative, Toby Nunn,  who has experienced multiple deployments himself,  had this to say on his blog at tobynunn.com: 

 “Most would think this would be right up my sleeve but I try my best not to expose what’s on my sleeve when it comes to this topic and I was nervous about facing some of the demons I have been able to manage. It was made easier by looking around the room and seeing other young and some not so young people finding a special fellowship and being provided a positive and secure platform to share and assist each other. I will confess that I held back on writing about it because it has taken me several days to process some of which I had to face.” 


Soldiers’ Angels was honored to stand in support and sponsor this wonderful workshop given by Dr. Cantrell.  We are so grateful to all of the participants for their courage and willingness to share experiences, learning, hope and resources.

How does one put into words the enormity of such a day? Shifts from within were definitely the order for the day as we all set aside the diverse backgrounds we arrived with and set our focus on connecting with each other in support of our Warriors and their families. I just want to thank Soldiers’ Angels for sponsoring this event and everyone who attended,  for their very vulnerable and candid sharing.             Julie

The three books provided to the recipients through Soldiers  Angel’s sponsorship can be found at:

http://www.heartstowardhome.com  Further informations or questions about future Soldiers Angels sponsored events/workshops in Washington, contact soldiersangelswashington@gmail.com or visit our website at soldiersangels.org   



SA Table at Workshop. Thanks Melissa, Sammi & Jessica for making it look great!




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  1. It was truly an honor and a privilege to be asked to participate in this event with such incredible compassionate people. It was made possible by Soldier’s Angels with which I am so grateful for their ability to see the needs and answer the call. Thank you to all of you who attended and for sharing from your hearts so that we ALL may continue to learn together and to form strong communities for our warriors and their families to rely upon.

    With Deep Gratitude to Julie and Toby and to all who came together for this workshop.

    Bridget Cantrell

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