Soldiers’ Angels & Dr. Bridget Cantrell PTS/PTSD workshop

August 21, 2009 at 7:05 pm | Posted in Fisher Houses, General Troop Support, Veteran Support | 2 Comments
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Please see our    Soldiers’ Angels Washington Event page for Registration details and please spread the word about this free workshop, to all of your friends and families in the Armed Forces, Veterans and people you know who work in support.  This is an amazing opportunity that is important for all.  Dr. Cantrell is an engaging and knowledgeable speaker with a hearfelt passion for our Military and Veterans.    I highly recommend this opportunity.



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  1. Dr. Cantrell,
    I have recently been introduced to EFT, “Tapping”. My sister uses it for her degenerative disk problem. It works miraculously. I have also seen videos in regards to PTSD with quite astounding results. Have you investigated this? I think this should be a number one priority in treating our troops.

    Thank you for your information

    • I am glad that you have found this technique to work well. Thank you for sharing this information. We must also keep in mind that we need to continue to have a vast variety of modalities to meet the needs of the various warriors. What works for one may not be effective with another, so we as clinicians must always use a broad brush stroke when working with trauma. I was trained years ago by Francis Shapiro for EMDR, and I am also familiar with Callahan’s work (TFT) and understand that EFT emerged from the principals of TFT. I think it is really so very important that as clinicians we are open to looking at the progressive ways that trauma is being addressed. Finally we are seeing more and more avenues open to address the needs of our clients. Thank you again and I suggest we all keep learning so we are up to date on all these wonderful aspects of providing care and healing.

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