Flag Day at the VA

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Thanks to the wonderful music of the WEST SEATTLE BIG BAND ,the amazing help from so many Angels (KT,Dawn,Jennifer,Judy,Jessica,Vern,Connie,Andrea,Susan,Sammi,Jewell), Boy scouts, and the VA Puget Sound, our Flag Day at the VA was an enjoyable event for the Veterans and Fisher House Families.  Thank you all for your generosity of time, care and passion for supporting our Veterans…and most of all thank you Veterans. We are forever Grateful!

Scouts in Action

Scouts in Action

Soldiers Angel Sammi singing the National Anthem/West Seattle Big Band

Soldiers Angel Sammi singing the National Anthem/West Seattle Big Band

Scouts/West Seattle Big Band

Scouts/West Seattle Big Band

West Seattle Band & Angels

West Seattle Band & Angels


Busy with the decorations!

Busy with the decorations!

The Scouts were on the job! Such great work guys! We really appreciated you helping with EVERYTHING!

The Scouts were on the job! Such great work guys! We really appreciated you helping with EVERYTHING!


Thank you to all who contributed to our Refreshment table

Thank you to all who contributed to our Refreshment table

Flag Day Refreshments  Dawn

Flag Day Refreshments - Soldiers Angels Dawn - A great hostess!

Waiting for the last minute tune ups for the band.

Waiting for the last minute tune ups for the band.

Veterans, Angels-KT,Jennifer,Jewell,Sammi,Andrea

Veterans, Angels-KT,Jennifer,Jewell,Sammi,Andrea

They listened, enjoyed and some danced. All in all a wonderful day!

They listened, enjoyed and some danced. All in all a wonderful day!

And they danced!

And they danced!

I have more pictures to post and wish I could post some of the wonderful pictures of the Veterans and families who enjoyed the day. Many were seen cuddled up listening to the great Music of the West Seattle Big band.  The pictures were priceless.  Stay tuned and thanks for a great day Veterans. It was an honor to share this moment in time with you.


Soldiers’ Angels Needs Your Cookie Recipes!

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Dear Angels, Warriors, Celebrities, Sponsors, and Friends…

The first Soldiers’ Angels cook book, Angel Delightsthe Cookie cook book, has been a best seller and fund raiser for Soldiers’ Angels, so it is time for SECOND EDITION.

Please send recipe submissions in the following catagories:

Bar Cookies
Drop Cookies
Roll-and-Cut Cookies
Pressed and Molded Cookies
Brownies and Blondies
Refrigerator and Slice-and-Bake Cookies
Chocolate Chip Cookies
Miscellaneous and Unusual Cookies

Celebrity recipes are wanted — Soldiers’ Angels  must receive the recipe directly from the celebrity (ShelleMichaels@SoldiersAngels.org) or to the Angel submitting the recipe however, Soldiers’ Angels cannot accept recipes that are copied from celebrity Web sites and emailed over from Angels.

We are also collecting recipes for our Meals Ready to Go/Eating on a Budget cookbook that will roll out shortly after the 2nd Cookie cookbook.  We especially encourage our Warriors to get involved with this cookbook– what do you eat- that is fulfulling when you are on limited time/supplies?

If you have any inspirational quotes, poems, stories to share- please send them along as well.. (please limit to 3 paragraphs if possible for editing purposes) for strategic placement in the cookbooks- we may need to edit and space is limited, so not all submissions will be included, but we will file away for a future project.

Maximum of 10 recipes per person.

Please email MaryAnn for the template (fmawriter@aol.com). The deadline is August 31, 2009 so we can get the book published in time for holiday gift giving. (Please do not wait for the deadline– get your recipes in now.)

Thank you and we look forward to another successful cookie book. To purchase the first edition, please head over to our Angels Store- www.AngelsStore.org. All proceeds from the Angels Store go directly back into supporting our heroes.

Kind regards,



Wings of Freedom Tour In Washington!

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Thanks Angel Jessica for letting us know about The Wings of Freedom Tour.     




6/15 – 6/17 Bremerton, WA (B-17, B-24 & P-51)

Airport: Bremerton National Airport Location: General Aviation Ramp

– 6/17 – 6/19 Port Angeles, WA (B-17, B-24 & P-51)

Airport: William R Fairchild Intl. Airport

Location: East General Aviation Ramp –


6/19 – 6/22 Seattle, WA (B-17, B-24 & P-51)

Airport: Boeing Field

Location: Seattle Museum of Flight

– 6/22 – 6/24 Pasco, WA (B-17, B-24 & P-51)

Airport: Tri-Cities Airport

Location: Bergstrom Aircraft



Local News | Fort Lewis’ wounded warriors team up with Habitat for Humanity | Seattle Times Newspaper

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Local News | Fort Lewis’ wounded warriors team up with Habitat for Humanity | Seattle Times Newspaper

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Vote for Soldiers’ Angels – $25,000 for Social Media Makeover!

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$25,000 for Social Media

With just a couple of clicks, you can help Soldiers’ Angels win a $25,000 social media “makeover!”  Just type “Soldiers’ Angels” into the box at the link and follow the directions.

Twitter, Facebook, and other interactive online platforms are one of the most potent ways to advocate, motivate, and spread the news these days.  Soldiers’ Angels is an Internet-based organization, and having an expert makeover on the social media side of things would help SA reach out even more effectively to inspire Americans to support our heroes and make sure “No Soldier Go Unloved.”

Marcelle Turner, CEO of MindComet says, “Our hope is that the campaign will bring the participating organizations some national awareness through affiliation with the program, provide their constituents a focused mission to champion, and will ultimately result in a nationwide uplift in charitable giving driven by the power of social media.”

The contest, created by interactive agency MindComet and dubbed CommuniCause, runs through July 31st. At the conclusion, a winner will be selected at random from the ten highest vote-getters. One vote per email is counted, but the length of the campaign gives supporters the opportunity to spread the word about the contest through email, personal websites, and relationships within their local community.

In addition to voting, supporters can place a badge on their website, or use Twitter to compile votes through “re-tweets” (@CommuniCause #cause2255).  Click here and scroll down for details.

Competition began April 27, so Soldiers’ Angels has some catching up to do! But we’ve got a great word-of-mouth “ground game,” so the Top Ten isn’t out of reach.  Let’s make it happen!

A letter to Angels and all who love the troops…

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Thanks for sending Greta

Dear Friends,

It is heartbreaking when we lose a warrior on the battlefield, and so very shocking when a warrior who seems safe at home falls in an act of violence within our borders. As you probably know, in Arkansas this week, two soldiers who had just begun their service were attacked by a fellow American. Soldiers’ Angels is already working hard to give what comfort we can to the families, recruiters, and others involved–please read on to see how you can support them and their families and friends.

At 23 years of age, William Long was a bit older than the average recruit, but he had obviously decided to stand up and be counted as a defender of his country during wartime.  Perhaps he made his decision with the example of his father–a former Marine–in mind.  Fresh out of boot camp, he was back in his hometown to help the soldiers who had recruited him by sharing his experience of becoming a soldier with friends and acquaintances.  Less is known about Quinton Ezeagwula at this time, who fortunately was only wounded and is expected to recover.  But the same can be said for him–he had the courage and patriotism to volunteer for the military during wartime, and he had been selected to share his story.  Both of them had been recruited by soldiers who worked in that recruiting center.

These two great young men and the recruiters who signed them up are just a sample of the heroes who have stood up to protect us, whose stories are not broadcast so loudly see days.  But they are all still out there, serving quietly far away or right here at home as they keep the commitment they made when they signed up for military service in wartime.  And they need to know Americans are supporting them.  In the middle of this heartbreak, we can stand up and show our support and solidarity with these heroes.  If you would like to write a note of encouragement and appreciation to the recruiters in the station where the shooting occurred, please send a card or letter to the following:

Army-Navy Career Center
U.S. Army Recruiting
9112 N Rodney Parham Rd.
Little Rock, AR 72205

You can also show your support right in your neighborhood, as other recruiting stations of all branches are certainly feeling sympathy and concern for their brothers in Arkansas.  In this time when the actions of our tremendous servicemen and women aren’t always getting the attention they deserve, a thank you and a small gift is a great way to let them know that we remember them and are grateful for their service.  Try dropping by your local recruiting station with a dozen donuts and some gourmet grounds to stock the office coffee pot, or maybe have a couple pizzas delivered and bring some sodas and cups/plates.  If you’ve got kids, cards and drawings from them would certainly be appreciated.  Recruiting is a difficult job even in the best of circumstances, and these days taking the time to thank them for their hard work is a great way to show your support!

More than ever, we need to be sure the brave men and women of the American military know they have our support and undying gratitude.  Let’s stand up and shower them in love and appreciation!


Soldiers’ Angels

Soldiers’ Angels Luncheon with Jeff Bader and SFC Toby Nunn

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On May 15th,  Soldiers’ Angels in Washington hosted a  luncheon to celebrate our Armed Forces with Community Leaders, Soldiers Angels in Washington, and those who we connect with in support , such as the Fisher Houses, Madigan Army Medical Center, and the Warrior Transition Brigade among others.   We were thrilled to welcome and introduce our special guests, Jeff Bader ( Co founder of Soldiers’ Angels, author of May No Soldier Go Unloved and SFC Toby Nunn author of  Northern Disclosure , filmmaker of the PBS #1 Documentary in 2008  Bad Voodoo’s Wars and youngest recipient of the Audie Murphy award .  Check out Toby Nunn’s Briefing Room to read a really nice blog entry about the luncheon.

I feel incredibly grateful to be a part of the Soldiers’ Angels Organization and even more so after meeting these two amazing people.  Without a doubt, Integrity coupled with a heartfelt commitment and passion of support for the Armed Services, Veterans and their families are at the core of the Soldiers’ Angels Organization.

We all love Patti for a reason. She has a heart of gold, is brimming with positivity and a genuine spirit of generosity and humanity.  She digs in and focuses on getting the job done and doesn’t get distracted by bumps in the road. They only serve to increase her determination.   Patti Patton Bader is a class act all the way and  it was so great to meet and get to know Jeff, her husband  and Toby. Two more class acts who are equally as wonderful.

Their positive energy was matched by every single person who attended the Luncheon, There were a few missing faces due to a huge traffic jam and time constraints, but for the most part, people battled through the traffic and took time out of their very busy days to attend.

It was a delight to have a chance to spend time with others in the community who share gratitude and a passion of support for our Military, Veterans and their families.  These are hard working, positive, dedicated people who live their lives with gratitude and commitment to honoring and supporting the brave men and women who have served and continue to serve to keep our world safe and free.

Thank  you to Mayor Linda Bird from the City of University Place , Deputy Mayor Penny Coffey and  Council Member Larry  Wilcox from the City of Dupont,  Amy Cruver executive Assistant for Representative Jim McCune 2nd District for attending.  I encourage everyone to  discover  these beautiful  Washington communities and work together to bring Support to our Armed Services, Veterans and their families.  These are all city officials that are motivated to do the same….so reach out and see what you can do together!

Also in attendance were  Jodi Land  and Nikki Wasierski from the Ft. Lewis Fisher House. The Fisher House is a home away from home for Military families needing to be near their hospitalized loved ones.  If you haven’t been involved with the Ft. lewis or VA Puget Sound Fisher House activities and support, I urge you to do so.  If you are interested, just email and ask about how you can be more involved as a volunteer.

Other Special guests included,  Julie Calohan from the  Madigan Army Medical Center’s Public Affairs Office , Lisa Palmer Soldiers Angel from Madigan, Danita Dahl and Spc John Dinkins from the Warrior Transition Brigade at Ft. Lewis and Kathy Horinek from the WTB FRG, husband WIlliam (just deployed) and Becky Craig from McChord.  These people continue to inspire as they work tirelessly to meet the needs of those they serve. It makes a difference when these professionals are welcoming, efficient and positive. I hope you all will sign up for support events in the future and will be able to meet these great people along with the Warriors and families.

As Jeff and Toby mentioned in their speeches, every single person attending the luncheon was a special guest. It is truly the 200,000+ volunteers of Soldiers’ Angels that make the wheels keep turning and it was definitely evident in the planning of this luncheon.  Soldiers’ Angels in Washington were honored to host this gathering and jumped on board with ideas, advice and help from the moment of conception to the day of the event.   We did have a few bumps in the road with a change of venue at the last minute and a huge traffic jam on the day, but I have to say Soldiers’ Angels,  are a positive and determined group of people!!  It always amazes me how awesome the Angel Network is!   Thank you to everyone who was on the ready when we were in the planning stages, especially Angel Lori who put a great deal of work into organizing food, and Wanda who did an enormous amount of work with hand delivering invitations to the Dignitaries and Commanders, printing the programs, helping find a new Venue and a million other things that came up along the way.  Also Melissa French who was in charge of making sure the Soldiers’ Angels Table was complete. Melissa did such a fantastic job.  Thank you so much!

Warren Nevins, one of the first Soldiers’ Angels was in attendance,  Ola Ward Retired Nurse from Madigan, Sue  Berry(Ft. Lewis) along with Angels Tineke , Rebecca , Cecilia,  Rani , Nancy , Andrea , Sammi and Jewell . I have to go through my list but hopefully I haven’t missed anyone!   It was so great to meet and chat with everyone! I Love it when angels get together! So many interesting conversations and connections were made. Very inspiring and enjoyable!  I’m still sorting out pictures and finding some good ones, but here is what i’ve found thus far.  If anyone else took some please send to soldiersangelswashington @ gmail.com   and I’ll add to the collection.

Jeff Bader  Co Founder of Soldiers' Angels

Jeff Bader Co Founder of Soldiers' Angels

CTL Melissa French at the Soldiers' Angels Table

CTL Melissa French at the Soldiers' Angels Table

SFC Toby Nunn speaks at Soldiers' Angels Luncheon Ft. Lewis

SFC Toby Nunn speaks at Soldiers' Angels Luncheon Ft. Lewis

Angels Wanda, Tineke and Ola

Angels Wanda, Tineke and Ola

William,Kathy,Lila June

William, Kathy (WTB FRG) and Lila June Horinek

Angel Rebecca and Jeff Bader

Angel Rebecca and Jeff Bader

Toby, Becky,Melissa,Julie,Jeff,Nancy,LarryWilcox,PennyCoffey

Toby, Becky,Melissa,Julie,Jeff,Nancy,LarryWilcox,PennyCoffey

Warren, Sammi and Jewell

Warren, Sammi and Jewell

Soldiers Angel Peggy McKay receives Award

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Congratulations Peggy!  Here is Peggy’s reply back to  Major Geishaker who submitted her name for this award.  Thank you Peggy for sharing this with us!

Here is my thank you to Major Geishaker
Dear Jim,
Well it is June 2nd so who knows where you are… transitioning somewhere between Afganastan and Kuwait and on to Germany by now I would think. Which is why I used both your emails. I hope you were there for the last package but if not I tried to address it so that it would not be rejected.
I received the Certificate of Appreciation from the Freedom Team in this mornings mail and the tears just flowed. In fact I am still having trouble keeping them contained, as I am an extremely emotional and passionate woman. (My husband will attest to that one 🙂
I thank you so much for your thoughtfulness and I will treasure it forever. To be sure it will be framed and on my wall here in my office. I will wear the pin with honor and pride.
I am so proud of all of you who lay your lives on the line for us here at home on a daily basis and appreciate all that you stand for and all that you do. I hope to instill those very standards in my Grandchildren as we raise them up. They have been a part of each and every package we send and have been included in and on many of the post cards over this past year and a half of my involvement with SA. We submitted many personal family members photos both for theveterans day slide show at school and for the slide show at the Vets dinner. So they know the importance of all our military stands for.
My involvement with SA spilled over into our school through a science project and special veterans assembly and into our community as I reached out to our Veterans here at home through the wonderful undertaking of Bob Rawe and the Take a Vet to Lunch Program. I encourage people and tell them about SA outreach everywhere I go in hopes that at least one person I touch will adopt a soldier. I even share at the checkstand when I am buying the “goodies” about why and where they are going!
The Move America Forward program was another heartfelt and overwhelming event with a response from within our communities that went far beyond what they could have ever believed. There are many of us here at home that think of our men and woman serving our country daily and send up our prayers.
I pray all is well and safe with you and will most certainly still email and write when your back from the war torn territories.
Thank You Again

army letter. certificate0001

army letter. certificate0002

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