April is the Month of the Military Child

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Let’s go Washington! Let’s all try to accomplish one act of support for our Military Children to show them they are in our hearts and minds!  One idea you might want to consider….. The Fisher Houses in our State currently need: 

Boys & Girls Backpacks

Juice Boxes

Video Games (WII, Playstation 3, Xbox)

Memberships to: Tacoma Children’s Museum,Northwest Trek, Pacific Science Museum,Seattle Aquarium, 

Gift cards to family outings( restaurants,movie rentals, theatres) 

The angel store also has gift items for Young Children. Even a Thank you card is a beautiful offer of support! 

Please notify Julie  at soldiersangelswashington@gmail.com if you are able to participate with a donation for our Military Children and I will forward the address & contact info you need to get you started! 

April marks a very special month in the lives of the military members. Soldiers’ Angels joins the US Department of Defense in recognizing April as the Month of the Military Child, a time to applaud military families and their children for the daily sacrifices they make and challenges they overcome. Secretary of Defense, Caspar Weinberger, established April as the Month of the Military Child in 1986, underscoring the importance of military children and their role in military families. These children make sacrifices and serve their country as much as anyone in uniform does, quietly shouldering part of the burden, making their mom or dad understand that what they are doing is important. Military parents often have to miss holidays and special occasions, and children are left home to worry while parents go on difficult missions. Active duty military families also have to move every two or three years, making the children uproot, change schools and say goodbye to friends. Because military children have to transition and adapt a lot, they gain great life experience and maturity at a young age. April serves as a reminder for military families that there is support available to them with resources to help. Soldiers’ Angels encourages the nation to stand up and support the military families in their surrounding area by getting involved in a variety of ways. Please contact Soldiers’ Angels (ShelleMichaels@SoldiersAngels.org) or your local military facility to see how you can best utilize your time and talent to show your appreciation during the Month of the Military Child. To all of the military children in our nation- thank you for your service to our country, you are a very important part of our freedom. SOLDIERS’ ANGELS PROCLAMATION Whereas, Thousands of brave Americans have demonstrated their courage and commitment to freedom by serving the armed forces of the United States of America in active duty posts around the world; and, Whereas, More than 40 percent of these soldiers, sailors, airmen, and Marines have left families with children behind; and, Whereas, More than one million of America’s children have at least one parent currently serving active military duty; and, Whereas, These children are a source of pride and honor to us all, and it is only fitting that we take time to recognize their contributions, celebrate their spirit, and let our men and women in uniform know that while they’re taking care of us, we’re taking care of their children; and, Whereas, The recognition of the “Month of the Military Child” will allow us to pay tribute to military children for their commitment, their struggles and their unconditional support of our troops, because when parents serve in the military, their Kids Serve Too; and, Whereas, A month-long salute to military children will encourage support for “Kids Serve Too” and other organizations and campaigns established to provide direct support to military children and families; and now therefore be it, Resolved, That I, Patti Patton – Bader, founder of Soldiers’ Angels, do hereby proclaim April 2009, as The Month of the Military Child within the Soldiers’ Angels organization. I encourage all Angels to observe the month with appropriate ceremonies and activities that honor, support and thank military children.

Patti Patton-Bader Soldiers’ Angels Founder Shelle Michaels Soldiers’ Angels National Communication Officer



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Found this on One Marine’s View



The Medal of Honor

The Medal of Honor is the highest award for valor in action against an enemy force which can be bestowed upon an individual serving in the Armed Services of the United States. Generally presented to its recipient by the President of the United States of America in the name of Congress, it is often called the Congressional Medal of Honor.

See more here: http://www.cmohs.org/


Also from One Marine’s View

Who Are America’s Heroes?’

Posted: 18 Mar 2009 06:27 PM PDT

Tr%20MEDAL%20OF%20HONOR Airline Experience Begs Question, ‘Who Are America’s Heroes?’ 
By Donna Miles 
American Forces Press Service WASHINGTON, March 18, 2009 – The challenge issued by a flight attendant during a recent commercial air flight seemed innocuous enough: “Name just one of the fiveMedal of Honor recipients from the current engagements in Afghanistan or Iraq, and get a free drink coupon.”
But the passengers’ response – more specifically, the inability of all but just one to respond – revealed how little the average American knows about its military heroes.Bombarded by superhero lore almost from birth, many Americans grow to revere fictional heroes as well as sports and celebrity icons. But silence descended over the cabin of a flight bound from Jacksonville, Fla., to Baltimore when the conversation turned to those who had earned the nation’s highest honor for valor – even when a free cocktail hung in the balance.

Dale Shelton, an Annapolis, Md., resident who served five years as a Navy intelligence specialist, was the only passenger to press the button over his seat to beckon the attendant. Shelton’s response: Army Sgt. 1st Class Paul R. Smith, the first Medal of Honor recipient in the global war on terror and inOperation Iraqi Freedom.

Smith received the highest military honor for valor posthumously on April 3, 2005, two years to the day after saving more than 100 soldiers in the battle for Baghdad’s airport. His young son and widow accepted the award on his behalf during a solemn White House ceremony.

The flight attendant gave free drink coupons to Shelton, as well as his wife, Jean, and two other traveling companions. Then he returned to crew area to announce over the intercom that only one person had correctly answered the challenge.

This time, the attendant offered a second challenge: “Name an ‘American Idol’ winner.” The cabin lit up like a pinball machine as 43 passengers scrambled to push their attendant call button. Passengers named various Idol winners.

The attendant announced that he wasn’t going to award drink coupons for that answer, telling the passengers that “naming an Idol winner was not worth a free drink,” Shelton recalled.

“He concluded his announcement with the question: ‘What’s wrong with our country when out of 150 passengers, only one can name a Medal of Honor recipient, but 43 can name an American Idol winner?'”

Later during the flight, Shelton shared with the attendant his own frustration over “the current lack of appreciation of our military heroes.”

The attendant asked Shelton if he knew the names of the other four Medal of Honor receipts from the current military operations. Shelton said he was able to name three: Navy Lt. Michael Murphy, Navy Petty Officer 2nd Class Michael Monsoor and Army Spc. Ross McGinness. 
All were killed sacrificing themselves to protect their comrades during enemy attacks.

Murphy, a Navy SEAL, died June 28, 2005, trying to save his team members during Operation Red Wing in Afghanistan. Monsoor, also a SEAL, died in Iraq on Sept. 23, 2006, using his body to absorb a grenade blast that likely would have killed two nearby SEALs and several Iraqi soldiers. McGinnis died Dec. 4, 2006, after throwing himself on a hand grenade in Iraq to save four fellow soldiers when insurgents attacked their Humvee.

Shelton said he regretted that he had forgotten the name of Marine Cpl. Jason Dunham. Dunham died April 15, 2004, using his body to shield fellow Marines in Iraq from a hand grenade.

The flight attendant didn’t hold Shelton’s memory lapse against him. “He gave me all the remaining drink coupons he had in his possession and shook my hand,” he said.

(Editor’s note: A new special report on the Defense Department home page pays tribute to the five U.S. servicemembers who have earned the Medal of Honor for action in the war on terror.)

Recent MOH HEROES    

Posted: 19 Mar 2009 09:40 PM PDT




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Phoenix Chili Cook Off

Phoenix Chili Cook Off

The Start of a Great Day!

The Start of a Great Day!

The Phoenix Chili Cook Off, held at Shoreline Park, North Ft. Lewis Washington on March 21st was a great success!

We (Soldiers’ Angels Julie, Sammi & Jewell ) arrived a few minutes after 6am to find the participants setting up and already starting to cook in the dark,  with the only light coming from Vehicle headlights.  Jewell got out to do a little recon mission to find our station and our Head Chef Wanda.  The ingredients, BBQ, cooking utensils and directions to get us started were all dropped off apparently before 5:30am but no Wanda! Panic went into full gear when Danita informed us Wanda had to fulfill  a previous commitment for the USO she was unable to get covered for and wouldn’t be arriving until later.  It’s pretty easy to be  in awe of Wanda Watonaga.  She is an amazing angel that does so much for our troops!

With the reality of Wanda being detained, we all of a sudden felt like Lucy and Ethel at the Chocolate Factory,

Firstly, we had never tasted chili let alone cooked it before!  Secondly we had no idea of how to even start the BBQ!!  We also had never camped and people out cooking in the freezing cold before the sun came up, seemed very much like camping!  Can you say out of your element????!!!

Jewell promptly voted Sammi as the sub Head Chef until Wanda arrived, because “clearly Sammi was the only one who could follow a recipe! ”  Jewell started decorating the station and I began opening a lot of CANS of BEANS!   The next thing to do was to ask our Competitors for help with the BBQ and  they graciously obliged…well..almost. Brent said. “Don’t help them! They’re our competition. They’ll probably win!”   Needless to say our BBQ was fired up in no time.  Thanks Guys!!  Despite the constant barrage of teasing coming from them throughout the day, they were great sports.

Wanda arrived shortly after 9am THANK GOODNESS, and that’s when things got spicy! Soldiers’ Angels Tracy Patterson showed up a little later to help and  Wanda’s family were also wonderful helpers in the taste test department! A great team! We made enough to feed an army….literally!

It was great to meet everyone at the Cook off, including the other teams who were Soldiers’ Angels Sponsored…Team Chuck (including Soldiers Angel Erin)and Hook em Horns Chili.  Danita of the WTB and those who were organizing the event obviously put a ton of time and work into making sure everything ran smoothly from beginning to end.  Everyone was positive, supportive and wonderful to spend the day with!    Congratulations to all the winners  and Chaplain’s Assistant John Dinkins for winning Judge’s Choice!  (Soldiers Angels Team Molten Lava won 2nd!)

Here are a few of the pictures from this wonderful Day!

Early in thy morning!  Just the beginnings!

Early in thy morning! Just the beginnings!

Sammi Cooking!

Sammi Cooking!

Chaplains Assistant John Dinkins and son cooking as the sun rose! Congratulations on your win!

Chaplain’s Assistant John Dinkins and son cooking as the sun rose! Congratulations on your win!

Team Enigma working on their winning Chili. Check out the contestant down the ay standing on a chair doing preparations. Making Chili is hard work!

Team Enigma working on their winning Chili. Check out the contestant down the ay standing on a chair doing preparations. Making Chili is hard work!

Team Baja   slicing and dicing! Congratulations on being voted the tastiest Chili!

Team Baja > slicing and dicing! Congratulations on being voted the tastiest Chili!

Our helpful neighbours to the left!

Our helpful neighbours to the left and the cowboys!

Our other neighbor, competitor and Helper Kevin and Jewell

Our other neighbor, competitor and Helper Kyle and Jewell.

It was COLD in the morning but luckily we had hot pockets!

It was COLD in the morning but luckily we had hot pockets!

The Play Area was getting set up early in the morning.  This was a popular area for all the children.

The Play Area was getting set up early in the morning. This was a popular area for all the children.

The horn sounded like a cow!

The horn sounded like a cow!

Our Head Chef Wanda arrived..YAY! Sammi & Wanda strategizing!

Our Head Chef Wanda arrived..YAY! Sammi & Wanda strategizing

The Band began to play

The Boys of Greenwood Glen began to play

Roping Roy teaching Jewell how to rope!

Roping Roy teaching Jewell how to rope!

Sammi .....Im going to rope me some cow!

Sammi …..”Bring on the little doggies”

I need some whiskey before I teach those Morelli girls how to rope!

I need some whiskey before I teach those Morelli girls how to rope!

Dan Frazier from Dance for a wish, and Mel Gibbons(wethegibbons.com) Looks like theyre wearing some Aloha from Team Molten Lava!

Don Frazier from Dance for a wish, and Mel Gibbons(wethegibbons.com) Looks like they’re wearing some Aloha from Team Molten Lava! 

Soldiers Angel Tracy helping Wanda

Soldiers Angel Tracy helping Wanda

Our littlest helper Emma gets some Aloha from jewell

Our littlest helper Emma gets some Aloha from jewell

Soldiers Angels Erin &    of Team Chuck

Soldiers Angels Erin & SPC David Griffith (member of the WTB) of Team Chuck (sponsored by Soldiers’ Angels)

Jennifer Griffith (wife of SPC David Griffith) modelling the Team Chuck Hat

Jennifer Griffith (wife of SPC David Griffith) modelling the Team Chuck Hat

Wandas mom  The official taster

Wanda’s mom > The official taster

Things start heating up…Can you say HOT chili??!!

Ft. Lewis Firefighters tasting Soldiers Angels Team Molten Lava Chili mmmmgood!

Ft. Lewis Firefighters tasting Soldiers’ Angels Team Molten Lava Chili mmmmgood!

Another customer!

Another customer!

Soldiers Angels Team Molten Lava Station

Soldiers’ Angels Team Molten Lava Station -Tracy Serving and Kierra supervising ..our neighbors Kyle  and Jesse sampling!

This Chili was so hot they had waivers to sign and a doctor at the ready!

This Chili was so hot they had waivers to sign and a doctor at the ready!

Jalepeno Eating contest...check out Wandas Granddaughter in the mix. Talk about brave!

Jalepeno Eating contest…check out Wanda’s Granddaughter Kierra in the mix. Talk about brave!

The Band Couldnt get enough of our Chili!

The Band Couldn’t get enough of our Chili!

Bravo Bulldogs Chili

Bravo Bulldogs Chili

Soldiers Angels sponsored Hook em Horns Chili  Congrats on your showmanship win!

Soldiers’ Angels sponsored “Hook em Horns Chili” Congrats on your showmanship win!

Team Mack Pack Hook em Horns Chili Sponsored by Soldiers Angels

Team Mack Pack “Hook em Horns Chili” Sponsored by Soldiers’ Angels

Lots of fun at Soldiers Angels Team Molten Lava tent

Lots of fun at Soldiers Angels Team Molten Lava tent. Go Kierra! 

Even the big kids have fun at the Team Molten Lava tent

Even the big kids have fun at the Team Molten Lava tent

Head Chef Wanda

Head Chef Wanda

Phoenix Chili Cook Off Participants

Phoenix Chili Cook Off Participants- notice how most are wearing some Team Molten Lava leis.  

The Tables Were Set For A King…..

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even better, ….they were set for an amazing group of Veterans!  Soldiers’ Angels sponsored 2 tables for the event with angels Peggy Mckay  and Laura Bennett hosting. Thank you  Bob Rawe, Peggy McKay , the Take a Vet to Lunch Organization and all those from the community who hosted and helped with this great event!  Thanks again to Soldiers’ Angels for stepping forward to sponsor two tables.   

Tidbits from Soldiers Angel Peggy McKay about the evening …..

” I had invited Representative Mike Hope and his assistant Blair Anderson from the 44th Dist. and they were seated at one of my tables. Mike Hope is a veteran himself. A good friend of mine did a patriotic Rock Painting for one of the 

door prizes and Mr. Hope actually won it. He was not there to accept so I accepted for him. I had a chance also to talked to him about Soldiers Angels and had literature at the table of course.


The highlight of the night was the Artist and very good Speaker Michael Reagan who does drawings from pictures of fallen Soldiers for their families for free. The emotion inside him as he told of us of  only a few of the hundreds of people who have called  and their stories were just a tribute to him as a veteran and a man of talent of compassion. He had I believe 3 or 4 boards showcasing some of his works and they were beautiful and heartbreaking at the same time. Bob sent us a few he scanned in let me see if I can find that email and forward to you. One particulary touching story was that of a Mother who wanted him to paint him with his 13 month old son. When the pictures arrived he realized there were no pictures of him holding his son the pictures were separate so when he called to ask for a picture of them together she explained “he never saw his son”. The tears were flowing at that poing and even Mr. Reagan was tearing up.

The slide show was tremendous this year and very emotional and the music  playing with each section matched with the pictures as to what they were saying and doing. I was truly a “mess” as my father, a gr gr gr gr uncles from WW!, my favorite uncle of all time and my step dad and a picture of my mother accepting the flag and the young woman in naval uniform performing the taps ceremony were also included besides the many many other pictures of our veterans. Along with a picture of our adopted soldier from last year up on a tank  and pictures from Capt. Geishakers command that he had sent me in a slide show.


The folding of the flag presentation was beautiful as well as someone read the meaning outloud as to what each fold meant! That was all very informative and ceremonious. I did not know their was a meaning or representation for each fold.

I have been meaning to find it on the net and print it out.


You could buy a cd of the slide show for a donation of 10.00 and I bought 3 one for my mom, Representative Hope and for myself.





Soldiers Angels Table

Soldiers' Angels Table



A great evening, enjoyed by all!

A great evening, enjoyed by all!





Part of the Entertainment for the evening



Letter to the Local Editor from Bob Rawe…Organizer.

I would like to express my thanks to all the people that attended the Veteran’s appreciation dinner hosted by the TAKE A VET TO LUNCH organization.  The event was held on February 28th at the Masonic Temple in Marysville. 


The table hosts did an outstanding job.  The tables were set “fit for a king”.  Beckye Randall-North County Outlook,  Marcus Bresco-American Legion of Stanwood,  Ken Cage-Marysville Historical Society,  Crystal Wilkerson-Navy Wives Club,   Margret Hopkins,   Farlan Dubarry-Veteran,  Laura Bennett-Soldiers Angels,   Gayle Clemens-Prudential MacPhereson’s Real Estate,   Sheila Frazier-Eaglesnest Secretarial Service, Inc. Peggy Mckay-Marysville Special Education  PTSA, and Soldiers Angels,   Sally Brandenburger-Alpine Mortgage of Marysville,   Cal Mithuen-American Legion Veterans Benefit Assistant,  Autumn Payton-Navy Veteran,   Bruce Peseau-Veteran.                                                                                                                                                                                                   


Tim Loney of Stanwood started the evening off with the opening prayer, A visual presentation that showed our troops in action throughout several wars was prepared by Terry Woinowsky of Memories Forever. Elisio Garcia attended as a veteran and spoke to the audience to show his appreciation.  Mike Reagan, the artist that makes the portraits of fallen soldiers also attended and told of his program.  He was presented a donation from the Arlington VFW.


The National Anthem and God Bless America were sung by Rebecca McDonnel of Stanwood. Everyone stood and joined her.  She did a beautiful job.  A musical presentation was made by four young students from Lynnwood, Jacob Pearl, cello                                                                                                Isabella Maza, violin  Colby Larson, viola  Elliot Lee, violin.   And of course no one will forget an appearance by Ernestina.


Several old and new friends stepped forward to help with the cooking and tending to the guests.  They worked from 12 noon until clean up at 9pm.  Rhodies Smokin BBQ of Marysville smoked the pulled pork and provided the sauces.


Several cash donation were made directly to me from, Lisa Borden, Joe and Katy Dennis, Ken and Ethel Cage, Jenny Mulstad, Jennifer Kelly, Steven Edin, Covlet Machine & Design, Soldiers Angles and Tony Hewlett.  There were also several donations made without my knowledge of whom the generous parties were.  Food donations were made by Get Distilled Water Service, Inc and home baked cookies by Beth Glass


 Door prizes were donated by Peggy and Don Mckay, Jerri Markstone, Garden Treasures, Denis Jordan,  Artistic Designs by Abby, Abbagail Johnson, Bev Measor, Clear Image Photo, Bobs Out Back, Hanna McKay, Nathan McKay, MSPTSA, Eaglesnest Secretarial Service,  Paws It On, Dos Reales Restaurant of Stanwood, Cedar Crest Golf Course, Kasilof, Becky and Jeremy Randall and Crystal Wilkerson.


There are many other names that should be mentioned but be sure that your gracious help is not forgotten and much appreciated.  We are always in need of volunteers to promote this program for saying thank you to our military veterans.  Please contact me if you wish to help


Bob Rawe

Take A Vet To Lunch

I urge everyone to step forward next time this event comes around. It is a lovely way to honor those who have served!

Make a Banner to support the Troops

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Make a banner to support the troops

It’s that time again! The plans for Face of America Bicycle Ride 2009 have been finalized. The ride is taking place on April 25 & 26 from Bethesda MD to Gettysburg PA. Soldiers’ Angels works with World T.E.A.M. Sports by providing volunteers and support during the ride.

Face of America is a two-day inclusive bike ride of approximately 110 miles, creating a TEAM of people with and without disabilities. The ride is open to all—wounded, ill, active duty, civilians, young and old alike. This is a ride—not a race.

Banners! Banners are loved by the riders! Hung along the route and at rest stops, they offer encouragement and support to the riders. Banners can be made of any material ranging in size from a pillow case or tee shirt, to twin-size bed sheet. If you are interested in making and sending on a banner, please email Lisa Dixon at lisa-in-dc@earthlink.net for information and mailing instructions.

Soldiers’ Angels, Ranger Up & UWC visit with Warriors at Walter Reed

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Thanks Blackfive & Uncle Jimbo  for sharing! 


POSTED BY UNCLE JIMBOImg_0650This Saturday three groups converged to show some love to the Wounded Warriors at Walter Reed Army Medical Center. Soldier’s Angels
and Ranger Up put together a great day for about 25 of our finest warriors recovering at Mologne House. Soldier’s Angels put on lunch and homemade desserts for the warriors and their families while the UWC and Ranger Up brought former World Welterweight championMatt Hughes along with Army SF Weapons Sergeant and three times running All Army Combatives winner Tim Kennedy. Nick Palmisciano of Ranger Up said “We are thrilled to be able to help show these great Americans that their sacrifices are appreciated and will never be forgotten”.

Img_0684Soldier’s Angels presented three laptop computers complete with voice-activated software to attendees through their Valour-IT program and the warriors got t-shirts from Ranger Up signed by Matt Hughes. All of that would have made for quite a day, but they were just getting started.  The UWC provided tickets to the Man O’ War matches that night at GMU’s Patriot Center and Ranger Up rented a bus to drive them to the event. It was an amazing night of mixed martial arts action with plenty of submissions and several stunning knock outs. Ranger Up’s fighter Kris “Savage” McCray led things of with a submission win in the first round (video here) and the action never slowed down the rest of the night. You can help Soldier’s Angels continue to assist our warriors by donating to the Valour IT program here. All the groups look forward to more opportunities to spend time with these fantastic soldiers.

You’re Invited! 1st Annual Phoenix Chili Cook off

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1st Annual Phoenix Chili Cook off  Hope to see you there!

1st Annual Phoenix Chili Cook off Hope to see you there!

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED! Come out and support the Soldiers’ Angels Team Molten Lava’s! For more information email   soldiersangelswashington@gmail.com   Let’s all come out for some fun and a chance to support the Warriors!

Brothers At War > Coming to Lakewood Mar 27

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Brothers at War

Brothers at War

Soldiers’ Angels is partnering with the acclaimed new documentary Brothers at War Movie  to help tell the stories of America’s warfighters and their families. Directed by civilian Jake Rademacher, who followed his two military brothers to document their combat deployment and return home, the documentary is an intimate portrait of a military family during wartime.  It is currently screening in a number of cities across America, and Soldiers’ Angels volunteers will be in attendance at each screening location to invite viewers to bridge the military-civilian divide by actively supporting service members and families like those portrayed in the documentary! If you would like to participate, please scroll down for more information.
As Patti points out, this a great opportunity to connect average Americans with those who protect us. “Fewer people serving in the military means fewer Americans have personal knowledge of the sacrifices and challenges of military life,” she says. “Brothers at War helps bridge that divide. The story of these heroes needs to be told, and our soldiers need to know their service is appreciated and that they are not forgotten.”

A winner at the 2008 GI Film Festival, Brothers at War has been receiving rave reviews from military supporters, veterans and military families.  Angel and military spouse Greta had a chance to preview the film and was very impressed.  “No other footage since Bad Voodoo’s War has portrayed anything so real and unbiased about the war and the soldiers who serve in it,” she wrote. 

Soldiers’ Angels encourages all Angels to spread the word about this tremendous documentary across the country and to attend a screening near their homes.

Screening Locations (showtimes and location details to be announced; email  cvink@soldiersangels.org if you would like to assist the Angel activities at a screening near you):
Friday, March 13
Georgia: Columbus
Illinois: Chicago, Warrenville
North Carolina: Fayetteville, Jacksonville
Virginia: Arlington
Washington, DC

Friday, March 20
Ohio: Akron

Friday, March 27
California: Monterey, Oceanside
Georgia: Augusta, Savannah
Illinois: Decatur
Louisiana: Shreveport
Ohio: Cleveland Heights, Dayton
Tennessee: Clarksville
Texas: Killeen, San Antonio
Virginia: Hampton, Newport News, Norfolk
Washington: Lakewood



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Phoenix Chili Cook Off & Music Festival

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Shoreline Park, North Fort Lewis, WA

7 am to 3 pm 


This FREE event is designed to bring the community together in a fun and festive atmosphere while showcasing the talents of our soldiers, family members, staff, and community partners. 

  The event is a traditional chili cook off with contestants competing for $1000 in prizes.  Prizes will be given for the Best Chili Overall, Most Unique Chili, Spiciest Chili, and Best Showmanship.  All chili must be prepared on site; no exceptions.  Everyone attending the event will have a chance to vote for their favorite chili and crown the Best Showmanship Award as well as assist in crowning the Best Chili Overall.   

                                             WHAT WE CAN DO TO HELP

Volunteers!  (for help with set up, clean up, face painting, and to cook
side dishes)
Groups/Individuals to “adopt” the chili cook off teams that might not have
money to spend on ingredients. (wounded warriors, etc.) 
Anyone that wants to help with prizes!  We are looking for anything from
trophies to a check that we can give them.
Soldiers’ Angels is thankful to have angel Wanda as our lead with this event. Here is  an exerpt from her letter to the community, challenging us all to become involved.

Valentine’s day weekend I found out that (The Warrior Transition Battalion) is hosting its first chili cook-off contest on March 21st & although they do not solicit support, I know that they need sponsors for the 20 teams (of 2-4).  So far, they have 4 sponsors.  The sponsorship consists of defraying the cost of the ingredients and needed items for the cook-off with $150.00 per team (each team has to make 2 gallons to feed the masses). Challenge your counterparts in other surrounding cities.  Healthy competition is a good thing for all!!! 
I think they still need judges…hmmm…The competition is even open to civilians, so…I am hopeful that the community will step up in a big way & support these Heroes/Warriors who have risked their lives for the quality of life we enjoy.  This event is an excellent opportunity to raise awareness about the Warrior Transition Battalion (WTB) & other worthy organizations that support our military communities.


      If you’d like to help  and would like further information on this event
EMAIL Julie at soldiersangelswashington@gmail.com  with CHILI in the subject line and I’ll send you the info and Wanda’s Contact information! I think this will be a wonderful event to be involved in. Hope to see you there! 


Brain Injury Conference, Portland March 5,6,7

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Brain Injury Association of Oregon  

PO Box 549 

Molalla OR 97038 

1-800-544-5243 Fax: 503-961-8730 

http://www.biaoregon.org info@biaoregon.org Registration Form   

7th Annual Pacific Northwest Brain Injury Conference 2009 

Living with Brain Injury: Identifying the Problems—Finding Solutions Sheraton Portland Airport Hotel   

Please register before February 28, 2009 to assure admittance and facilitate check-in.    

The 7th Annual Pacific Northwest Brain Injury Conference 2009 In Portland Oregon


                                        MARCH 5 (pre conference) 6, 7


Here’s a sampling of workshops at the Conference. Wish I could go, but hope some angels will attend and take notes!

Thursday, March 5, 2009  9:00 – 4:00 pm 

$50 – Lunch provided 

Behavioral Challenges After Brain Injury 

Harvey E. Jacobs, Ph.D. 

Psychologist / Behavior Analyst  

Partner, Lash and Associates Publishing/Training 



FRIDAY, MARCH 6, 2009 





2009 Conference Highlights

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