Valentine Poem for Veterans…… thank you Elda.

February 11, 2009 at 12:39 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 2 Comments
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I will not forget…. 

You spilled your blood on distant sands,

Endured enemies on hostile lands,

You held our freedom in your hands,

Yet so many still don’t understand! 

The sacrifice that you have made,

Wounds that never seem to fade,

Painful memories with you stay.

The costly price you had to pay! 

Too many have been laid to rest,

They are among our very best,

Brave soldiers passed the test,

For you, we are so blessed! 

Past and present, young and old,

So many stories left untold,

Your lives, worth more than gold,

May our freedom not be sold! 

Forgotten you will never be,

For this American can see,

The high cost of liberty,

The price you paid for me! 

For in my heart it’s set,

I am in your debt,

Even though we have never met,

I will not forget! 


To all Veterans, written by

Elda Clevenger

Dexter, Oregon

February 10, 2009 


Wishing you a nice Valentine’s Day 





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  1. Beautiful poem Elda!
    Love, your aunt-in-law in Virginia

  2. Beautiful!

    Love your Cuz-in-law, Beth in Keizer

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