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We are moving this blog to blogspot. Please keep updated on everything Soldiers’ Angels Washington at our new address. there is an email sign up right at the top of the page.  Click here to see our new home!! >>  http://soldiersangelswashington.blogspot.com


Need to Shop?

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Before you make your purchases (whether it be for something personal, or for filling those care packages to your adopted Hero), you might check out this list of vendors that support the troops and Soldiers’ Angels through your purchases (either because you follow the link, or you tell them you are part of Soldiers’ Angels) by donating a portion of the sales to Soldiers’ Angels, or offering discounts to Soldiers’ Angels shoppers. There’s all kinds of things to choose from: cooling gear (the weather’s changing over there!), coffees (multiple vendors), flowers, jewelry, books, clothes, food, the list goes on! So, if you’re shopping anyway, maybe help Soldiers’ Angels out while you’re at it!

Valentines headed for Spokane VA

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Thank you Trinity school students and angel Jean for making sure the Veterans at Spokane VA are visited with lots of Valentines and TLC!

Aren’t these  creations Fabulous?? If you have a youth group or school that would like to participate in making cards for our Hospitalized wounded and Veterans throughout the year please email…soldiersangelswashington @wordpress.com  This is a great way to nurture an attitude of gratitude with your students and provides a huge morale boost for those that have served so bravely on our behalf.

National Salute to Hospitalized Veterans Week

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Angels Vern, Erin, Jill, Debbie, Melissa, Charlotte, and families had the honor of visiting with Veterans at the Puget Sound VA (seattle)  for the National Salute to Hospitalized Veterans festivities!  Thank you angels.

“The 30 bears we handed out were a huge success.”  (these are our Grratitude bears you can make too-ask us about them!)

“leaving them was probably one of the hardest things I done in a while……One guy I talked to gave me a big hug and was asking me to come back and visit again…..What will it take to be able to go and visit them again soon?
This was a great weekend. ”

I was told by one of the ladies that I had an angelic smile 🙂 And then again by one of the patients that I had helped with opening up his gum. He had said I had such a smile that no wonder I was an angel. Sure made my day. He has been in my mind since then.”

“And the vets? Oh my! Everyone was so gracious and thankful. It was so good I have decided to begin my weekly visits… I was humbled and thankful.”

Showing the love, respect and gratitude! Thanks angels and THANK YOU VETERANS!!

Thanks also to our Angel Crew for providing a Valentine’s visit to our American Lake Veterans. If you’d like to visit at a VA nearest you with Soldiers’ Angels email soldiersangelswashington @gmail.com or contact your local VA voluntary Services.

Community Outreach- A great day at Walmart!

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Soldiers’ Angels in Washington set up shop at Walmart!

What a privilege to belong to an amazing organization with  such a huge outreach of support around the world for our Armed Services, Wounded, Veterans and families  AND be able to share about it with our communities!   One of the lovely people we met yesterday, saw the Oprah show I posted about here and was motivated to find out where she could go to volunteer in her own community.   I’m always incredibly inspired  by the creativity of people and the unique ideas that shine through conversations about support efforts.  It’s a fun day of brainstorming and planning with angels that are volunteering and the people we are lucky enough to interact with throughout the day.  Thank you everyone who stopped by our table.   Thank you Debbie & Parents for all of your work to make this opportunity take shape and angel Jean for stopping by- so much to share and discuss!
I can’t wait to get started helping to make those wonderful ideas happen!  We’re looking forward to talking with all of the people who signed up yesterday and working ‘wingtip to wingtip’ to make sure those who serve and have sacrificed for all of us know we are grateful!

Thanks from Afghanistan

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Thanks from Afghanistan

Soldiers’ Angels recently received this note from a Staff Sergeant on a PRT (Provincial Reconstruction Team) in Afghanistan.

Dear Soldiers’ Angels,

Thank you all very much for the package, especially the movies and MOOSE MUNCH (which was gone in less than a minute).

There are some times we get sad over here and think that people in the States don’t really care about us, so when we get something like this it really boosts our morale. So this package, it really means a lot. On behalf of PRT Panjshir, we’d like to say thank you and God bless.

Attached is a picture of us for the greatest organization ever–Soldiers’ Angels. You guys are the BEST! Thank you.

–SSgt R., US Air Force

PRTs are military teams that work with local government officials, U.S. government civilians and local military/police personnel to assist people in rebuilding or improving their neighborhoods. They spend a great deal of time away from the main bases and out in the countryside among the locals. This PRT, which is very isolated, received a large package from Soldiers’ Angels while waiting to be adopted by individual Angel volunteers.

As of this writing, there are 1106 Heroes waiting to be adopted. You can help.

Oprah Show>The Bravest Families in America… What you can do

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Today on the Oprah show, “First lady Michelle Obama, Tom Brokaw and Bob Woodward introduce us to some of the bravest families in America as they cope with the invisible wounds of war.” http://www.oprah.com/showinfo/The-Bravest-Families-in-America

Former South Dakota Army National Guardsman Sgt. Corey Briest (Ret.) and his wife, Jenny were among the guests. Briest, of Yankton, was seriously injured by a roadside bomb near Baghdad,Dec. 4, 2005, while serving with Battery C, 1st Battalion, 147th FieldArtillery, South Dakota Army National Guard, in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. … Soldiers’ Angels have stood with Corey and Jenny since his injury.”

The message of the show was simple…..be grateful, never forget and DO something to show your support.

If you want to do something and are not sure what to do go to soldiersangels.org We have many teams you can join such as the wounded TLC team which helped show support to Jenny and Corey.

Do you live in Washington and would you like to help?? Email soldiersangelswashington @gmail.com  We need you!

Soldiers’ Angels is an all encompassing organization that is dedicated to supporting our Deployed, Wounded, Veterans and their families. As Tom Brokaw, Bob Woodward, Oprah and the First Lady said today…..it takes the communities to step up to make a difference.  “We owe them everything”…..therefore we all must do something.

I look forward to hearing from you!



2nd Annual: Support the Red, White and Blue; Give Love, Give Blood

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During the week surrounding February 11th, 2011 Soldiers’ Angels encourages Angels and friends across the entire country to honor those that have shed their BLOOD for us by heading to your local blood bank and donating a pint. You can check the eligibility requirements for donating here.

In coordination with WEAR RED Friday and Valentines’ Day weekend, please take time out of your busy schedule to give a pint. If you can’t give RED you can always give GREEN and donate $$ online www.soldiersangels.org.

Send your photos of your giving experience to ShelleMichaels@SoldiersAngels.org or pixt them to 218-779-7271 for automatic posting to our Facebook fan page.  Let u know here at Soldiers Angels in Washington  soldiersangelswashington@gmail.com

Washington supports Fellow Angel & Team while deployed

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Thank you Washington Angels for supporting fellow angel, Amy and her Medical Support team recently deployed to Afghanistan.

“I can’t thank you & your team enough for everything. I wasn’t expecting so much support, we were truly blown away. Attached is a pic from the goodies we received (i’m 2nd from the left). Thank you again ladies for all your support!

Angel Amy & Medical Support team in Afghanistan diggin' some of the goodies sent from their Angels in Washington!!

Merry Christmas, Love and Support to all of our Troops serving around the world!

Hero to Hero! Thank you for your service!

Help for SA Georgia! Wingtip to Wingtip

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Here’s another great opportunity to support the troops with just the click of a mouse!

Soldiers’ Angels Georgia is in the running for $1000 to help with their massive annual Christmas Stocking project for National Guardsmen deployed from their state, but they need your help!  You can help SA Georgia win the DollarDays.com Community Pride photo contest, simply by voting for them with a click of your mouse.  Currently, SA Georgia is in 4th place, but the 1st place project has twice as many votes!
The Dollar Days contest challenges nonprofit customers to use a photo to show how they use Dollar Days purchases in their charity work.  SA Georgia’s photo shows a happy soldier who has received a care package from Georgia Angels, one of the average of 5,000 they send every year.
Supporters can vote once per email address, per day, and the deadline is December 31, 2010.  Please share this link with your friends and families, add to your Facebook page or any forums in which you participate.
Put your mouse to work and help Georgia Angels support the troops!  (And don’t forget to use the buttons here to spread the word!)
VOTE HERE: http://www.photoscramble.com/ContestView.aspx?ContestId=64

Soldiers’ Angels will receive “Red Cross Real Hero Award”

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Thank you Kathy Bergman for attending the dinner and accepting the Real Heroes award on behalf of Soldiers’ Angels! Thank you Red Cross!


WTB Caregiver Appreciation Certificate -Soldiers’ Angels

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Our awesome Angel Wanda accepting!  Thank you to all of our fabulous angels who give their love and support to the Wounded Warriors and their families.

Veteran’s Day Card signing event with the Red Cross

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SOLDIERS’ ANGELS HAVE BEEN ASKED TO JOIN THE RED CROSS CARD SIGNING FOR OUR HEROES  on VETERAN’S DAY PLEASE JOIN IN THIS EFFORT IF YOU ARE IN THE BELLINGHAM AREA   EMAIL soldiersangelswashington @gmail.com or perhaps you’d like to join in  one of the other Veteran’s Day activities or start your own. Let’s Discuss 🙂




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An easy way to help the  Valour IT Fundraiser and ultimately help our Wounded Warriors!!

If you're on facebook, just "like" Vision-Strike-Wear.com  For every 500 people who do this between now and Veterans' Day, they will donate $100 to Soldiers' Angels' Project Valour-IT which is in the middle of its big fundraising push with all the milblogs.

Please have a look at a very important Soldiers’ Angels project that helps get Voice Activated laptops to our heroes and then spread the word!


Project Valour-IT

In memory of SFC William V. Ziegenfuss

It was the first time I felt whole since I’d woken up wounded in Landstuhl.
–Major Charles “Chuck” Ziegenfuss, on using a voice-controlled laptop

To donate, select your favorite team* (or click here).

Donate Air Force
Donate Army


Donate Marines


Donate Navy


*Soldiers’ Angels is an IRS-designated 501(c)(3) nonprofit.  Donations are tax-deductible and may be eligible for matching funds from donors’ employers. Please consult your tax advisor for details. Team designations are created for the sake of fun and spirited competition and are not affiliated with the U.S. Department of Defense. All funds raised go to a single account and assist wounded warriors of any branch.

Are you a blogger or webmaster?  Scroll down…

To participate in the competition as a blogger or webmaster, click on a team* graphic below. After you register, you will be added to the team blogroll and receive the code to post a widget on your blog that will credit donations to your team’s totals.  This will allow you to stay up-to-date with the latest fundraising competition info and any special plans your team leader has. For more info, email beths@soldiersangels.org.

Thank you for helping us support the wounded who have sacrificed so much! Let’s see who can win this by raising the most for the troops!

Join Air Force  

Join Army 


Team Leaders

Air ForceMudville Gazette

Army – Blackfive

Marines – Cassy Fiano

Navy – USNI Blog

Join Marines

Join Navy*


For technical questions, contact beths-at-soldiersangels.org.  For other questions, contact your team leader. 

*We were unable to find a Coast Guard team leader, but we invite USCG bloggers and supporters to team up with their fellow mariners of Team Navy.

More About Valour-IT

Project Valour-IT helps provide voice-controlled/adaptive laptop computers and other technology to support Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines recovering from hand wounds and other severe injuries.  Items supplied include:

  • Voice-controlled Laptops – Operated by speaking into a microphone or using other adaptive technologies, they allow the wounded to maintain connections with the rest of the world during recovery.
  • Wii Video Game Systems – Whole-body game systems increase motivation and speed recovery when used under the guidance of physical therapists in therapy sessions (donated only to medical facilities).
  • Personal GPS – Handheld GPS devices build self-confidence and independence by compensating for short-term memory loss and organizational challenges related to severe TBI and severe PTSD.

    Read More…

    Photo and video editing at One True Media

    Last night, during my weekly visits, I was greeted by…our latest laptop recipient, with a quick little dance.  I think he even clicked his heels!  He is so terribly happy to have received a laptop and is really looking forward to having Joe show him all the in’s and outs.  You made this SGM, who has served faithfully for 40 years and is as crusty as they come, do a happy dance in the lobby – PRICELESS! – Soldiers’ Angel Monica, November 2009

    Halloween at the WTB (Warrior Transition Battalion)

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    On October 29, Witches, Goblins, Princesses and ANGELS (Soldiers Angels that is!!) joined the Wounded Warriors and their families for a Trunk N Treat at Joint Base Lewis McChord Washington!  Soldiers’ Angels sponsored the trick or treat prizes for the event and Angels Lisa, Erin, husband Tom and Nita (with her amazing photography) pitched in to decorate their vehicles and provide candies for everyone!! Thank you angels for your generosity of time, $s and Angel TLC to make this a great event!!

    Great Antennae!!



    You’ve got Mail; Angel Mail that is!

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    Dear Angels, Troops and Supporters,

    Youíve Got Mail; Angel Mail That Is!

    Do you have a webcam? Put it to use and send a FREE video email to anyone from Angels Mailî and a donation will be made to Soldiersí Angels.  The more video emails you send, the more you help Soldiers’ Angels.  (ANGEL MAIL)

    Angels Mail was created by Marlo Anderson for Soldiers’ Angels as a thank you for that our organization does to support the troops, as his son is in the National Guard and received support from Soldiers’ Angels while he was deployed.

    What else is new regarding our social media? Soldiers’ Angels launched our new Twitter Background that the MindComet team created for us as a part of the CommuniCause $25,000 Social Media Makeover . Some people might think No one is going to see your Twitter background – everyone uses a mobile device or desktop application.î They’d be right – but only in part. People who are reading an account’s tweets are generally already subscribed to the account. In this case, it’s really about spreading the word and gathering new followers and supporters. A Twitter background is just like a Facebook landing page. Upon arrival, the user is posed with a decision: should they follow or not? Putting our best WINGS forward is crucial to enhance our success in that decision making progress for others to follow us on www.twitter.com/soldiersangels.

    Our Facebook Landing Page has all the makings of intrigue. If you are not a fan or like us already, please check out our Fan Page at www.Facebook.com/SoldiersAngelsOfficial When you arrive at our Landing Page you will see we offer three simple options; To Adopt, To Donate or to Join a Team. These three options are crucial to the existence of Soldiers’ Angels.

    At any given point in time, we have hundreds of service members waiting to be adopted by individuals across the globe with a simple commitment during the deployment of that warrior with 1 letter a week and 1 package a month.

    We are also a one stop shop in troop support with over thirty teams to choose from. If you want to bake, we have the Angel Bakers. If you want to help the wounded, we have the Wounded TLC team. There is a place for you if you love babies, canines or chaplains. We have the Ladies of Liberty that focuses on pampering deployed females. We have teams for veteran and family support and many more.

    If you don’t have time to volunteer, but have the financial resources, we have a place for you too, you can make a donation online, via mail or by texting Soldiers to 20222.

    There is a place for everyone at Soldiers’ Angels. We encourage you to check out all our options. Our American warriors, veterans and their families deserve to know that we stand wingtip-to-wingtip in support of all they have done for the freedom, rights and liberties we have as American citizens. As Patti Patton-Bader our founder says, Each of our volunteers create ripples of kindness that add up to an ocean of greatness.”

    Remember all those that have served on Veterans’ Day and bow your heads in thanks this Thanksgiving Day. Be There for our warriors, they are always there for us.


    Shelle Michaels

    National Communication Officer


    Please also join our FB Soldiers’ Angels Washington Group so you can keep up to date with what is happening here in Washington and email soldiersangelswashington @gmail.com if you’d like help, have ideas or just to say hi to fellow WA angels!

    Moose Munch for the Troops

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    Thanks to the generosity of gourmet gifts retailer Harry & David, troops far from home this holiday season will have an extra special treat in their Soldiers’ Angels care packages—Harry & David’s delicious and hugely-popular Moose Munch® Bars.

    The “Support Our Troops Moose Moose Munch® Drive” previously resulted in over 115,000 bars sent to soldiers overseas and is returning just in time for the winter holidays. Harry & David stores nationwide are offering customers the opportunity to purchase two Moose Munch® bars for $4 (one bar is usually $2.50) and donate one of the two bars for the Moose Munch® Bar Drive along with a personal message to a soldier. Soldiers’ Angels will distribute this new round of bars in its Wrapped in Holiday Spirit care packages and Harry & David is assisting with shipping.

    “We’re delighted to support our troops on the front lines,” said Steve Heyer, CEO of Harry & David. “The program gives our customers the opportunity to give back to soldiers who have already given so much of themselves for our country.”

    “This is a fantastic gift for deployed service members who will be so far from home during the Holidays and we are thrilled to be able to include the in our care packages,” says Soldiers’ Angels Founder Patti Patton-Bader. “Moose Munch® Bars will be sure to bring a smile to the faces of these heroes.”

    Soldiers’ Angels is aiming to send a Wrapped in Holiday Spirit care package to every deployed service member this holiday season. Care packages will include snacks, candy, hot chocolate, socks, a handmade blanket, a travel mug and a personal note.

    To participate in the Support Our Troops Moose Munch® Bar Drive, visit your local Harry & David store.

    American Lake VA Halloween

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    We are blessed to have a wonderful team of Angels that make sure our American Lake Veterans are not forgotten and are appreciated!  Thank you KT, Tracy, little Emma and Dawn!  More angels welcome anytime! The more the merrier – just email soldiersangelswashington @gmail.com if you’d like to volunteer at one of the VAs!

    Emma & KT

    ANGEL TLC – Thank you Crafters! – Call for Angels who would like to help!

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    Thank you for your Angel TLC crafters!    If you would like to help contribute to our Blanket and Bear, or card making efforts for our Wounded and hospitalized Veterans as well as our Deployed please email soldiersangelswashington  @gmail.com Soldiers’ Angels has a dedicated team of sewing/crafting/crocheting angels and we’d like to contribute to the overall Angel efforts to make sure these items are at the ready!   Working with other community organizations, churches etc in every town, is a great way to meet the ongoing needs.

    Angel Jean with tray cards she has made for the Veteran's Care Center in Vancouver WA would you like to help?

    Jean also makes beautiful lap robes and Blankets of Hope as well as helmet liners!!  Amazing!!

    Looks like Angel Debbie has been busy!!


    Debbie says they are easy! Won’t these be a precious gift of Angel TLC for a Deployed Service Member, or Veteran? If you’d like to help let us know- Debbie will forward you the pattern and info!

    We would love to post more photos of the creations you are making out there! Please send them in and let us know what is happening in your area or if you’d like to help organize a group? There are even non sew blankets we can attempt and always angels more than happy to mentor!

    New wheels!

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    “…the bike was sucessfuly delivered after I called FEDEX, and its amazing. Thank you so much! I have been riding all the time, and its so nice to finally get around like that again.”

    Thank you for your service 1Lt Moncla! Enjoy the new bike!

    Thank you Soldiers’ Angels and Mellow Johnny’s!

    A Night For Our Heroes Fundraiser Needs You!

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    Soldiers’ Angels in Washington Invites YOU to our 2nd annual “Night For Our Heroes” fundraiser, Oct 2 at the Lakeway Inn, Bellingham. 6pm no host cocktails, 7pm Dinner.  The theme is Founding Father’s Banquet.  Dress as your favorite “founding father” if you like; otherwise, casual attire.
    For more information on Tickets, Auction items or Sponsorships email soldiersangelswashington @gmail
    We need your help to spread the word. TIckets, Sponsors and Auction items still needed. This is your chance to contribute in some way to those who serve and have served, even if it is to spread the word!! We can do this!!

    Crafty Creations for our Deployed, Wounded & Veterans

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    I’m always so amazed and inspired by the talent of our angels.  I know many of you are working on Blankets of Belief, Hope and Gratitude  all year long. If you aren’t a part of the SA sewing team please join or ask me how. Bless your hearts for that incredible thoughtfulness and time you put into each creation. I have had many wounded warriors and families come up to me at the various events and share how much YOUR creations mean to them.  One of the things we will be doing across the state for our Day of the Deployed efforts are donation/blanket drives. If you are part of a quilting/crochet/knit group, or think you could inspire others from your community/church or service clubs to join together to produce some Creations for our Deployed/wounded and Veterans please email  soldiersangelswashington @gmail.com   I would also love to post pictures of your creations if you attach a photo I’ll add it to the blog.

    The following blanket was made by the loving hands of  Angel Jean who also just made some lovely hats and gave them to a homeless outreach in her area.   Thank You Jean!

    This lovely fellow were made by our Angel Debbie & Mom . We haven’t come up with A name for the Bear Campaign yet… Troop Teddy Bear…Special Forces: Bear Hugs, Mission Grrratitude, Oh my gosh there have been quite a few. Debbie says they are easy to do. Two parts to the pattern.  These Bears might be the perfect project for Girl Scout and Boy Scout Groups. I know several blanket makers who are wanting to add a few Bears to their projects too.   We’d love to send lots of these for our Day of the Deployed Effort on Oct 26 and for the holidays.  Email Soldiersangelswashington @gmail.com if you’d like to give them a try!

    Many of you are part of the Angel Bakers and others have helped with fabulous culinary creations for the Welcome Homes and events we’ve participated in, along with your regular baking you send to our deployed service members.   You’re all amazing!! I would love to include some pictures or even recipes you’ve used if you like.  It might help non cooks like me get inspired!

    Welcome Home!

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    Thanks Stephanie for sharing the Welcome Home for Colin and the rest of the soldiers from HHC BDE, 702, 1-38, 2-23, 472 signal.

    Josh Fueston Memorial Swim to Live.to honor, remember and continue our Support

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    The Josh Fueston Memorial Swim to Live …


    A brave and wonderful group of Soldiers from the WTB. (Warrior Transition Battalion) Thanks for the great fun at the dinner the night before the swim and for letting us get to know you a little better. You're truly inspirational.

    Josh Fueston Memorial Swim to Live

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    This event is a mother’s quest to honor her son and all of our heroes who fight so bravely not only on the battlefield but when they come home…please help to embrace those who courageously continue to fight the battle within.  “It takes a nation to heal a war” Patti Patton Bader Founder Soldiers’ Angels.

    Click the below poster to read more about Josh and this special event.

    Congratulations Angel MaryAnn Phillips

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    Congratulations to an incredible angel! Thank you for being such an inspiration. I’ve heard so many stories from wounded warriors and their families about your wonderful care when they arrived in Germany. You and your team are such a blessing!

    “MaryAnn Phillips of Soldiers’ Angels is a 2010 recipient of the Presidential Citizens Medalfor her self-sacrificing service to the wounded and their families at the Landstuhl Regional Medical Center (LRMC) in Germany. Established in 1969 by Executive Order of the President, the Citizens Medal is the second-highest government honor a civilian can receive and recognizes “citizens of the United States of America who have performed exemplary deeds of service for their country or their fellow citizens.”  Read more here >SoldiersAngels and listen to the interview here > whitehouse

    Warrior Summit & Picnic

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    Thank you Soldiers’ Angels for sponsoring all of  the prizes, bouncy house, cotton candy and snow cone machine to make this a fun event for the Wounded Warriors and their families.  Thanks to our Angels Wanda, Debbie, Katie (and family), who helped at the various games and Soldiers’ Angels Info booth(will upload pic soon) and Jessica who helped at the Fisher House Booth. An inspiring and fun day with amazing people.   Thanks to all of the warriors and their families who came up to our Soldiers’ Angels booth to thank SA for the outreach they received from Landstuhl Germany to stateside. We are grateful to YOU and it is our absolute honor to help in anyway we can.

    You will see all of the great prizes, games and kid’s fun stuff Soldiers’ Angels sponsored midway through this video!

    A day free from hospitals, appointments, therapy, stress…surrounded by families and people who support and care. Well deserved!

    The Wings of Freedom Tour 2010

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    Soldiers’ Angels Operations Manager Toby Nunn and Wounded Warriors from the Warrior Transition Battalion. Thank you Soldiers’ Angels, Tom and Nita Sitterly and Steve for sponsoring flights for each Wounded Warrior! A Great day! I haven’t uploaded all of the photos yet. Still waiting for photos of our whole team that was present. These photos mostly were taken by Jessica who along with her mom was instrumental in bringing it all together and Nita (angel Erin’s mom in law) Thank you ladies!

    We had a wonderful conversation with a WWII Veteran who was tail gunner during the war. One of many incredible conversations with precious Veterans.

    A little bit of Chill time at the ole corral 🙂  It was such a treat to have Toby with us for the day.

    Angel Sammi Morelli couldn’t resist!

    To Honor and Remember……

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    Soldiers Angel Lisa Palmer, organized a beautiful Balloon Release to honor & remember the fallen heroes from Washington …the 5-2 Stryker Brigade, the 81st BDE, The Tomahawks, etc.
    Saturday morning started off with the  Run to Remember group, finishing up at Pioneer Park and celebrating the birthday of fallen hero Spc. Anthony Paci before participating in the Balloon Release.  Words can’t really describe this gathering except to say it was love in all of it’s splendor.  I feel very blessed to have been a witness to such heart and to have had the opportunity to stand with these brave families to honor our heroes. It was overwhelming on so many levels.  Thanks Lisa for working so hard to make sure there was reverence in every little detail and for providing an opportunity to come together as a community in support of our Gold Star families to honor and remember.

    Gold Star Mothers Julie Aamot and Helene Paci …(Spc. Aaron Aamot and Spc. Anthony Paci)
    Gold Star Wife Erica Paci
    Chaplain Gary Lewis, who arrived home a couple of days ago,  leads us in a moment of silence and Prayer.

    It’s important for us all to make each day an opportunity to show our support, to honor and remember and walk the walk of gratitude.  Gold Star families….we continue to keep you in our hearts and prayers.

    Vets Help at Soldiers’ Angels Warehouse

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    SAN ANTONIO, July 21, 2010 –

    Soldiers’ Angels celebrated the grand opening of its first permanent, Angel-managed facility in support of America’s service members, wounded, veterans, and their families with what is expected to be the largest exhibit on the war on terrorism since 2003, as seen through the eyes of America’s heroes and those who support them.

    Photo, Caption Below

    First permanent Angel-operated warehouse is opened near Brooke Army Medical Center in San Antonio, Texas. Courtesy Photo

    “Salute to Heroes and Angels” is an exhibit spotlighting America’s military men and women who continue to serve in wartime, and the homefront patriots who help ensure they are loved and supported.  Framed by 9-foot canvas murals, the installation includes interactive video screens, photos, letters from the troops, stories of fallen heroes, highlights of the dozens of Soldiers’ Angels teams and projects, plaques and certificates documenting the organization’s impact, and opportunities for visitors to record their own stories on video, join Soldiers’ Angels, or request support for a service member or veteran.

    Soldiers’ Angels proudly announced the opening, staffed by four recent veterans and Angel volunteers on March 12-13, 2010.  The warehouse consolidates and streamlines SA’s extensive packing, shipping and screen-printing activities in support of the troops, reducing the organization’s overhead expenses and providing an employment opportunity for veterans.

    “It’s a better bang for benefactors’ bucks,” explains Soldiers’ Angels Operations Manager Toby Nunn, who oversaw development of the warehouse.  Located across the street from Brooke Army Medical center in San Antonio, Texas—a city with the highest concentration of wounded and other active duty soldiers in the United States—the 10,000-square-foot facility reduces shipping costs for SA by its proximity to one of the largest targets of SA’s troop support efforts.

    In addition to the reduction in overhead, the cost of paying for the warehouse staff itself fits the mission of Soldiers’ Angels by supporting veterans.  “Staffing it with recent veterans helps provide a soft-landing for their transition to civilian life,” Nunn explains.  “It surrounds them with like-minded people as they learn the corporate world.”  This is especially helpful for those who may be struggling, Nunn says with enthusiasm. “You can’t say, ‘You don’t get it.’ Because you’re looking at a bunch of people who do.”

    See more of the story here >> Soldiers’ Angels Warehouse

    Thank you Green Gables Elementary!

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    On June 16 Soldiers Angel Erin Sitterly accepted a $500.00 check from Green Gables Elementary!  The students raised the funds through their Penny Harvest Program which is a unique program whereby Students “harvest” pennies and choose a charity that will benefit. The program also encourages the students to be a part of the process when it comes time for the organization to use the funds.   Thanks to a great suggestion we will be using the money to purchase blankets from the Angel Store that the students can help make for the wounded! It’s definitely a gift that will keep on giving!! Thank you Erin for taking time from your busy schedule to visit the school, accept the check and speak to the students!  Check out the story here

    Green Gables teacher Amy Thompson presents a check to Erin Sitterly of Soldiers’ Angels, after giving a check to Lili Allala and Margery Godfrey (background) from Friends of the Hylebos - Andy Hobbs/The Mirror

    BALLOON RELEASE Honor and Remember……

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    Soldiers’ Angels is honored to be a part of this event to honor and remember our fallen heroes from the 5-2 Stryker Brigade.  Balloon Release

    The Memorial is on July 17th at Pioneer Park in Steilacoom. Arrive by 10am, launch at 11am sharp. Balloons/paper notes/pens provided. But you can bring your own if you want. You don’t want to miss this special event. It is open to all who would like to honor someone they have lost.  POC for the event is Lisa Palmer > See event listing http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=120455651332648&ref=mf


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    There is an exciting, easy new way to donate to Soldiers’ Angels. If you have a cell phone with text messaging, all you have to do it text SOLDIERS to 20222 and you will donate $5 to Soldiers’Angels. That’s it. It’s that easy. Spread the word!
    You can also sign up for the SOLDIERS’ ANGELS Mobile Support Club. You’ll get up to 4 monthly alerts & updates on events, projects, soldier stories, support needs & much more, right on your mobile phone! Of course, standard text rates may apply.

    Soldiers’ Angels Needs Your Vote!

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    Soldiers’ Angels competing for $50k “Pepsi Challenge” Grant – Need your vote!

    The Pepsi Refresh Project allows ordinary people to vote for their favorite projects that will have a positive impact on the community. Each month brings a new set of projects. This month, Soldiers’ Angels is one of the projects.

    All you have to do is go to the page for Hire a Hero – Soldiers’ Angels Project SAVE Support A Vet’s Employment.

    Soldiers’ Angels is competing for $50,000! Only 10 projects will be selected, so we need your votes, every day, from now until June 30! Currently, Hire a Hero – Soldiers’ Angels Project SAVE Support A Vet’s Employment is in 57th place. We’ve got a LONG way to go to get into the top ten. Please share this with everyone you know: share it with your email contacts, your facebook friends, tweet about it!

    Wings of Freedom Tour Coming to Tacoma

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    Memorial Day

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    “Our hearts pour out in grief… there is no punctuation, no start or finish… just moments when we must pause and catch our breath. ” (RuntoRemember)

    To all of  our Gold Star Families, we send our love, support and prayers. You are always in our hearts. We are forever grateful for the ultimate sacrifice of your loved one…they will always be remembered.

    A special group of friends dedicate themselves to making sure our heroes are not forgotten. Thank you Buffaloes and Run to Remember…

    On Memorial day…….

    A flag of every fallen warrior was placed on the fence of the airfield

    23 Brave Warriors from the 5 2 1 17 remembered

    More photos can be found on facebook. From the Run to Remember page & Group-

    “The soldiers of 5th Brigade have been fighting an amazing battle in Afghanistan, and standing behind these brave young men are their amazing families.

    The purpose of this group is to get out there and RUN!!! Let the community see a mass of men and women supporting OUR soldiers… Wear your unit’s shirt with pride and REMIND our community that our soldiers are out there in Afghanistan, fighting the tough fight. Not everyone is coming home. These amazing young men MUST NOT BE FORGOTTEN!

    Come run with the families of 5th Brigade Saturdays to honor our warriors and remember our fallen.”

    Soldiers’ Angels

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    Mother’s Day at the Fisher Houses

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    !  A wonderful group of angels got together and created delectable masterpieces and gifts galore for our Fisher House Moms.  We wanted to make it a special day and to have the moms feel a lift of support and love to get them through the difficult days ahead.  We were honored to spend the day with you Moms!  Absolutely awesome Angels!!

    The presents lined up at the back of the table were donated by Angel Donna and her company in Spokane. They were then sent to Angel Lisa who made them extra special with goodies and ribbon. It goes to show you how a network of angels can find a way to collaborate over the miles and impact lives so positively. Thank you!

    Busy preparing!!

    Amazing home made sausage rolls from Bob & Pat

    WELCOME HOME GIFT DRIVE -for the 5 2 SBCT in Honor of Spc. Aaron Aamot

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    The Aamot Family, Soldiers’ Angels and the Whatcom County community have launched a second donation drive in honor of Fallen Hero Spc. Aaron Aamot.

    Please see information below for donation information and contact Julie Morelli at soldiersangelswashington @ gmail.com  if you would like to help sort and box on May 17, 18 at the American Legion Post 7 in Bellingham.  Please spread the word to all you know.  Let’s welcome them home with a great showing of support!

    More information here > http://www.pcfwebsolutions.com/aaronaamot/

    Soldiers’ Angels helps provide Easter fun for the 4-6 CAV

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    Soldiers’ Angels helped provide some Easter Egg Hunt Fun for the families of the 4-6 Cav.

    Spokane Angels gearing up for a busy 2010

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    Spokane Area Angels are gearing up for a busy 2010! It’s awesome to see angels from various points in Eastern Washington come together, brainstorm and plan for our Armed Services, Veterans, the Wounded and their families!!   Thank you Angels! Keep up the great work!!  Thank you Jean for working to organize these get togethers and the events out in your area!  For more information of events in your area or if you’d like to know more about Soldiers’ Angels, please contact Julie  at  soldiersangelswashington  @gmail.com   We need you! 🙂

    Spokane Angel Donna Peterson showing her handmade blanket!

    Spokane/Eastern WA angels, left to right Donna Peterson, Barb Beyer, Spokane VACTL Jean Rosado, Erin Mansfield

    Washington love and support reaches troops!

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    Angels in Washington have reached out to schools for help with sending letters and cards to our troops and Veterans with great success.  Schools have been excited to participate in this effort . This is such a great partnership of support on so many different levels and as you can see by the letter below a wonderful way to keep morale high!   One of our awesome angels, Debbie Henrie has nurtured a super connection with her Spokane community schools.   Thank you to all and of course thank you to our Troops!

    My name is Spc xx xx of the United States Army currently deployed. I felt deeply moved to send an e-mail to you with thanks for the letters that the 8th grade student body sent over the holiday season. I was in the gym yesterday and noticed one of the letters was posted up on the wall, so I began to read. It did not register to me at first, but as I continued reading I realized that the intelligent 8th grader who wrote the letter was indeed from my own home town! I could hardly believe my eyes! I realized that there must be more letters where this one had come from. I then walked around the entire base looking for the rest of the letters, reading each one with a bigger and bigger smile. They were all sent with the best holiday wishes, and hopes that we are safe, happy and returning home soon. I hope that you would pass on to the students who so kindly wrote to the soldiers here, that I (on behalf of us all) am so thankful for the support. It is comforting to know there are people outside our families who remember our service through the holiday season. Being a soldier can often be a thankless job, so it is one heck of a morale booster recieve letters that remind me of the reasons I chose to serve. We appreciate the kind words of encouragement more than you know, so once again, thank you for thinking of us!

    Never forget that freedom isn’t free

    Spc xx xx,

    Army Strong!

    American Lake Holiday Event-Soldier’s Angels

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    The American Lake Holiday Event was a fabulous success! Thank you KT Layton and crew of wonderful angels who helped out to provide a special day for our Veterans from American Lake.   In addition, a million thanks to the great people who were able to contribute to the donations presented on the day, the staff at Puget Sound HCS (American Lake, and of course a special thanks to our Veterans. We are Grateful!

    Holiday Pampering at the Fisher House, Barbershop at the VA

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    December 3rd was a busy night for Soldiers’ Angels in Washington!  We are grateful to have had the opportunity to spend time with the incredible families at the Puget Sound Fisher House and the hospitalized Veterans at the Puget Sound VA.   I know we all feel enriched by sharing time with such amazing people.  

     Thank you to the “What’s Cookin‘” Barbershop quartet for the enjoyable music you provided at the VA. A great group of guys and wonderful singers!  Thank you to Naarah, Debbie, Deidre and all who contributed to the gifts and cards for our Veterans! 

    The wonderful "What's Cookin' Barbershop Quartet!


    While “What’s Cookin'”, Deidre and I (julie) were enjoying sharing music and visits with the Veterans at the Puget Sound VA,  there was lots of fun, fellowship and pampering happening at the Fisher House!  Angels Jeannette, Erin and Megan prepared a wonderful dinner for the Fisher House guests, while Mary Kay Angel Kim Hansen organized a wonderful Spa and pampering night, assisted by angel Sammi Morelli.  

    Angels Jeannette, Erin and Megan. Thank you for the yummy dinner angels!!Angel Sammi and Mary Kay Angel Kim Hansen - Thanks for the Pampering Ladies!! Thank you Kim for the Mary Kay gifts and expertise for the evening!


    Angel Sammi Morelli and Mary Kay Angel Kim Hansen-Beauty artists!


    The Puget Sound Fisher House


    Ready for pampering!



    Food and Fellowship

    Thank you Angels and Mary Kay Sales Director/Angel Kim Hansen for providing this wonderful evening of Mary Kay Pampering  Thank you Fisher House families for sharing this lovely night with Soliders’ Angels. Love, Support and Prayers to you all.

    To Honor the Sacrifice of SPC Aaron Aamot

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    Spc Aaron Aamot


    Obituary from the Bellingham Herald….. “Aaron Seth Aamot was born on April 12, 1987, in his grandmother’s house on the Guide Meridian, Bellingham, WA. He was killed in action on November 5, 2009, in Afghanistan. Aaron was raised in Whatcom County on a small farm in Custer, WA. He was active in the Critters & Co. 4-H Club and the Ferndale FFA. The Whatcom Youth Fair and the Northwest Washington Fair were favorite events for Aaron. The attacks on September 11, 2001, gave Aaron the determination to serve his country in the armed forces. After graduating from Ferndale High School in 2006, he went to Basic Training in Fort Benning, Georgia. After being stationed at Fort Lewis, Aaron enjoyed his role driving a Stryker vehicle in the newly formed 5th Stryker Brigade. The 5-2 SBCT deployed in July 2009 to the area around Kandahar. Aaron was driving his Stryker on a patrol when it hit a buried explosive. He is survived by his parents, Mark and Julie (Hinds) Aamot of Custer; siblings, Matthew (Angela), Joshua, Nellie (Ricky) Huisman, Benjamin (Catrina); Dale; Ethan; and Daniel. Grandparents are the late Arnold Aamot and Charlotte (Reeck) Aamot of Bellingham, and William and Donna (McDougle) Hinds of Sedro-Woolley. Aaron was a devoted uncle to nephews Elijah, Samuel, Oliver, and Nathaniel, and nieces, Evelyn, Janett, Ella, and Catherine. He is also survived by many aunts, uncles, and cousins. 

    RIP Brave Warrior. Thank you for your service and sacrifice.   

    When Aaron came home…..a community was there…….

    In Honor of Spc Aaron Aamot





    An idea to ‘do SOMETHING’ found it’s way through the crowds on the bridge and quickly became an all out effort of support for Aaron’s 5-2 1 17 Regiment and 5th Stryker Brigade. Thanks to the Aamot Family, particularly brother Matt, Captain Kim who pledged support to get any donations to Afghanistan, and a determined, not to mention well organized group of citizens a Donation Drive was launched.  Soldiers’ Angels was honored to be involved and to work alongside such amazing individuals. 



    Thank you KGMI for spreading the word and for helping with this incredible effort, People's Bank, Local Firehalls and Businesses for hosting donation boxes.


    The fabulous KGMI & People's Bank Team


    The morning of the broadcast we began with this box and the donations kept pouring in! Thank you everyone!


    Mother Julie Aamot working hard at sorting through donations. It was an honor and absolute joy to spend time with the Aamots. They are incredible. One can't help but love them for being such gracious, humble, loving beings. It was a privilege to get a little glimpse into Aaron through stories shared on this day, to see what a wonderful young man, son and brother he was.


    Cards from School Children


    More heartfelt wishes of support from our School Children


    Firefighters hard at work


    The sorting process begins!


    CBS taking a gander for their later broadcast


    Getting there!


    Angel Kathy Bergman (left) was at the Legion early helping to organize,


    The fabulous Chris from Ludtke Trucking (who donated a truck for transport to Ft. Lewis) and the Legion #7 Hall for the organizing.


    Boxes being filled for the 5-2 Wounded


    Becky Raney-Organizer Extraordinaire & helper - Soon those boxes were stacked taller than Becky!


    Becky and Our Wounded Boxing Crew


    Becky Raney, Ethan and Matthew Aamot


    Thank you Becky Raney and the amazing group of people who spearheaded this effort and did an amazing amount of work to get the job done. Also, thanks to KGMI, People’s Bank and all of the community businesses for hosting donation boxes and spreading the word to get them filled up.  Thank you to all the great folks at the American Legion #7 Hall in Bellingham for the food, the space and support. Soldiers Angel Kathy Bergman for helping to organize and direct the work at the Legion.  Big hugs and thanks  to Grizzly and Scooter from the Combat Vet team for zipping around the county to pick up all of the donations. You guys are awesome! Thanks to everyone else who helped pick up, sort, box and ship the donations, including Chris & Ludtke trucking who arrived at Ft. Lewis with a full load of supplies!  Thank you Whatcom County and all of the listeners of KGMI (some even from Canada) who stepped up and stopped by to donate!  

    The donations continued to come in and those boxes behind Becky, Ethan and Matthew continued to stack higher and higher in the Legion Hall.  Many thanks to  all of the Volunteers who were there bright and early and who stayed till late in the evening each day and to the incredible Aamot family.  We hold Aaron in our heart and prayers and your family will always have our love and support.  

    We continue to  keep the 5th Stryker Brigade and Aaron’s Regiment in our thoughts and prayers as well as all of our brave men and women in uniform who serve on our behalf.

    A Night for Our Heroes Bellingham Fundraiser

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    On November 13, Soldiers’ Angels (Washington) hosted  “A Night For Our Heroes” to raise funds for our Armed Forces, Veterans, Wounded and their families. Held at the Lakeway Inn in Bellingham Washington, the Whatcom County community came together in generous support and gratitude.

    The Evening could not have happened without the incredible efforts of  Bellingham Angel Kathy Bergman and the team of dedicated, hardworking individuals she gathered to help with this event.  To say they were committed to making this successful would be an understatement.  A million thanks Kathy & crew.  Also thanks to Jerry Stewart for the gift of his taped presentation of an inspiring speech for A Night for Our Heroes. Thanks also to our Guest Speakers Chuck Whitmore and Dr. Bridget Cantrell, Dan Early and the Legion  Color Guard and our Media helpers, The Bellingham Herald, KGMI, The Lynden Tribune and Northwest Entertainment News. Thanks also to Jewell Morelli for all of the Graphic Design.

    Patti from Whidbey Bank (helped with SA donations boxes) Kathy Bergman and Registration crew, June and Jerry McKay

    Silent Auction items set up for business!

    Checking out our Soldiers' Angels table

    Guests lining up to check in and Angel Sammi Morelli selling 50/50 tickets...the night begins!

    Donated Desserts for our Dessert Dash. Lots of fun!!

    Time to chat and peruse auction items

    The Northern Lights Jazz Orchestra led by Paul Sorensen, started off the evening

    The Northern Lights Jazz Orchestra led by Veteran Paul Sorensen, treated us to a fabulous night of incredible music. This band is fantastic. Thank you NLJO for donating your time and wonderful music!

    We were so fortunate to have Northern Lights Jazz Orchestra and vocalist Christine Anderson delight us with great music.

    An added bonus from the NLJO was a Frank Sinatra Tribute from singer Arthur Alder

    Two of our favorite people arrive...Dr. Bridget Cantrell and assistant Kalli Backlund

    Our awesome MC Mike Kent in action! Thank you for everything Mike, including helping to spread the word about Soldiers' Angels and "A Night for our Heroes" on your radio show.

    A moving speech from our Guest Speaker Chuck Whitmore

    Our fabulous auctioneer Ernie in action!

    The Live Auction was entertaining!

    Between our MC Mike, Ernie and his straightman working the room, not to mention our sponsors, the live auction was a great success! Thank you all for your spirit and generosity!

    “A Night for Our Heroes”  turned out to be a great success thanks to everyone involved under the direction of Angel Kathy Bergman.  Thank you to all of our sponsors, who donated funds and auction items for this event and a million thanks to all of the participants who generously gave of their time and funds to raise money for our Heroes.

    As MC Mike Kent stated during the evening…our mission is to go out and spread the word about Soldiers’ Angels and  how much their suport is needed for our Armed forces, Veterans, wounded and their families. Let no soldier go unloved or Veteran be forgotten.   As a community we can step up to walk the walk of gratitude everyday to make sure those who serve and sacrifice know they have our support.  If everyone does a little we can do  great things for all.  Let us honor our Heroes every single day!

    Thanks also to the VFW and the Bergman’s for helping with a second event at the VFW in Fairhaven the following night.  We met some wonderful Veterans and guests who enjoyed a Spaghetti and Crab Dinner and Dance.  Thank you Kathy, Clark, Mel Vaughn, Cindy, June, Jerry for all your help and support.   At the end of the weekend it really did feel like the community was banding together to step up to support. Let’s keep this going for the future!

    Veteran’s Day Parade..Marching with the POW/MIA Group

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    On Veteran’s Day this year, Soldiers’ Angels in Washington had the great honor of marching with the POW/MIA Group at the  44th Annual Auburn Veteran’s Day Parade. This is the largest parade of its kind west of the Mississippi.  

    Thank you Jessica Smith & mother Debbie for making the connection with this wonderful group on our behalf and organizing our participation.  Thanks also to Sammi Morelli, Vern Van Houten, Jessica & Family for participating! 

    It is hard to put this day into words,  except to say it was humbling and an incredible honor to attend this Veteran’s Day observance and parade with the POW/MIA Group.  We had a few minor glitches to begin with, one of which was a torrential downpour, but how can one even THINK of complaining when WWII Veterans are standing at attention throughout the observance in the freezing cold and then carrying on to march stoically in the parade?  I’m so thankful to have been a part of this event and to share the day with Jessica & family, Vern and Sammi. It was a shared experience that will never be forgotten.  I encourage everyone to make the trek to Auburn next year because we’ve been invited back! 

    Angels Vern & Sammi waiting for the Observance to begin.

    Angel Jessica with her trusty Camera capturing the ceremony



    Time for Puddle Jumping and rehearsing in between downpours

    Our wonderful Crew getting ready for the parade


    A few last minute adjustments with the Rain gear. Thanks Debbie for bringing the slickers!


    An Honor

    A Community braved the elements to say thank you...you're not forgotten

    A long day but every second was amazing.

    On the drive back home that evening, everything was illuminated in more ways than one. Thank you Jessica, Debbie & Family. Thank you Vern & Sammi. Most of all, thank you to all who serve, our Veterans and their families. We are forever grateful!

    Warrior Transition Battalion (WTB) Thanksgiving

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    Thank you Toni, Jessica, Lizbeth, Debbie and School Children of Washington for providing the wonderful decorations for the WTB Thanksgiving celebration.

    Thank you angels & Washington School Children  for helping to contribute  wonderful decorations for the WTB, Thanksgiving celebration for our Wounded Warriors in Ft. Lewis.

    Hearts Toward Home Workshop…amazing.

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    Dr. Bridget C Cantrell, Phd. has been aptly named a “Warrior’s Angel” as she travels the globe to counsel military and  their families, with the various issues presenting challenges to healthy transitioning, and quality of life.

     She calls it “Rolling up our sleeves to help the Troops” and so it was a perfect partnership that this “Warrior’s Angel” teamed up with the  501(c)(3) non profit Soldiers’ Angels Organization to present the “Hearts toward Home Workshop”in tacoma on Oct 10, 2009.  

    Recently bestowed The prestigious Spirit of Hope Award from the offices of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and Secretary of Defense, it is with this spirit of hope that Soldiers’ Angels wanted to bring our military, families, professionals and the community together for this learning opportunity.

     Soldiers Angels representative, Toby Nunn,  who has experienced multiple deployments himself,  had this to say on his blog at tobynunn.com: 

     “Most would think this would be right up my sleeve but I try my best not to expose what’s on my sleeve when it comes to this topic and I was nervous about facing some of the demons I have been able to manage. It was made easier by looking around the room and seeing other young and some not so young people finding a special fellowship and being provided a positive and secure platform to share and assist each other. I will confess that I held back on writing about it because it has taken me several days to process some of which I had to face.” 


    Soldiers’ Angels was honored to stand in support and sponsor this wonderful workshop given by Dr. Cantrell.  We are so grateful to all of the participants for their courage and willingness to share experiences, learning, hope and resources.

    How does one put into words the enormity of such a day? Shifts from within were definitely the order for the day as we all set aside the diverse backgrounds we arrived with and set our focus on connecting with each other in support of our Warriors and their families. I just want to thank Soldiers’ Angels for sponsoring this event and everyone who attended,  for their very vulnerable and candid sharing.             Julie

    The three books provided to the recipients through Soldiers  Angel’s sponsorship can be found at:

    http://www.heartstowardhome.com  Further informations or questions about future Soldiers Angels sponsored events/workshops in Washington, contact soldiersangelswashington@gmail.com or visit our website at soldiersangels.org   



    SA Table at Workshop. Thanks Melissa, Sammi & Jessica for making it look great!




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